Saturday, 9 August 2008


My bumble garden has had disappointing results so far: it's attracted several hoverflies, a couple of bluebottles, and heaps of wasps.... but no bumbles. Hmph.

However, luckily I saw lots and lots and lots of bumbles in Cornwall, when we went there last week for a little holiday (look away now if you don't like pictures of fuzzy insects...)

We saw this one:

and this one:

and this one:

and then this one, busily cleaning her tongue:

... but I have to say, this last one came as a wee bit of a shock:

Anyway, that's all my bumbling about for the time being; I'm now going away again for a week or so to visit my Grandma, so I'm afraid my blog will be a little quiet (again) for a while. But I'll be here when I get back.

Cheerio for now :o)