Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Guest Post Three: Guilty Pleasures (or are you rrrready!)

Hello again devoted readers of the blog of the ill-tempered fowl,

Today, I am going to let you in on a little secret about VC and me...

We love American Gladiators!!! Okaaaay, I love it and cheer at the contenders on the telly, but VC is slightly more restrained and prefers to poke fun at the muscle bound hulks...

Below, for your viewing pleasure, are two of the lovely scary specimens themselves, compared to two well known characters - do let us know if you think the comparison is accurate!



Even better news, Gladiators is coming back, with the wonderful (VC made me put that in) John Anderson - woo yeah! Takes me back to childhood Saturday evenings cheering with my folks oop North :o)

Anyhoo, that's all from me, until next time,

NBM xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Treading water

Thanks so much to everyone who left me birthday wishes on my last post - it was so lovely to receive them all and they helped make my day a happy one.

It's now only a couple of weeks until my big deadline. Almost everything is done, but I still have quite a lot of loose ends to tie up so I think it will be a busy fortnight trying to keep my head above water. I do hope you will all bear with me as I am hoping to return to my blog with renewed enthusiasm once I have some free time again!

In the meantime, there are still things to smile about: the sun is shining and shining, I have lots of chocolate left from my birthday, and I saw a bumble bee with a fuzzy orange bottom on my way home today (simple mind, simple pleasures...)

See you soon...

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Third day in a row!

Yes, I'm meant to be working... but instead, here I am posting again on the THIRD CONSECUTIVE DAY! Wow. That never used to happen, even before I took my bloggy sabbatical.

I am here because today is a special day and I felt I couldn't let such an auspicious occasion go unmarked.

If you're on the other side of the pond from me, I know what you're thinking - Happy Tax Day, right??

Hooray! Tax!! Happy, happy day. Hope it's a jolly one for ya ;o)

..... although actually, there was something else. Another reason why I logged on. It is also my birthday today. (Thought I'd make it all small as I don't like to make a fuss. And I wouldn't want to tread on the toes of any hardcore celebrations over the tax thing. )

(Thanks, Lesley!)

I share a birthday with some groovy people, like Leonardo da Vinci, which is quite fun. But also some less-then-groovy people (depending on your point of view, I suppose), like Jeffrey Archer. Also, some pretty sucky stuff happened - like the sinking of the Titanic, f'rinstance. But nevertheless, I think it's a super day for a birthday.

(Thanks, NBM!)

Today I turn 25. Although technically - technically - I'm still a sprightly 24 until about half nine this evening. Stickler for the details, me. I read some very interesting things about the number 25 here. Sadly, I understood very few of the Maths ones... but I was glad to learn that 25 is the atomic number for manganese. That little piece of trivia will no doubt come in mighty handy one of these days.

(Thanks, Dad!)

Anyhoo, now I've learned all that stuff I never needed to know about the number 25, and suitably marked the tax day (woo! tax!), I'd better step away from the Internet and return to work.

Until next time, VCxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sofa, so good

This week we bought our first ever sofa. It felt like a very grown-up thing to do.

One of Ikea's finest cheapest.

Right, well: I know this is a short post, but that's all I have to say. And anyway, I can't be hanging round here chatting.... I have a new(ish) sofa to go and sit on! See you soon.....

PS. Apologies for that truly awful pun.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Guest post 2 - Monkeying Around at Bristol Zoo!

Greetings All,

NBM here again - I have been let loose on VC's blog to break her hiatus due to the excess of work she has to do for her dissertation oops - I shouldn't mention the D-word... She is doing v well though and I am v proud of her for working full time as well as writing it :)

Anyway, enough of me waxing lyrical about VC, onto what you've all been waiting for - my monkehs meeting the monkeys at the zoo.

The monkehs (Wilmington in particular) do like meeting animals of the aquatic variety so I thought I would treat Rose and the monkeh who lives at work with me (he doesn't get out much, you know, as he lives in a drawer at weekends when I forget to bring him home...) to a trip out in the sunshine last weekend.

As soon as we got into the zoo the little critters escaped in an attempt to reach monkeh nirvana:

...wow - I wish we could go play in there...

They were so pleased to be running wild and free that I couldn't keep control of them at all, and they snuck off to have romantic moment in the trees:

...oops - you found us...

These two are obviously becoming firm friends and next they ran off to see how tall short they were:

...save us NBM, all these animals are huuuge!...

So of course, I came to the rescue (after a bit of laughing of course!) and took them to see the very non-scary little mice in the (zoo) kitchen...

...poo, these things stink!...

After all the excitement our last stop was to see this:


I think you'll agree, Rose seemed quite taken by the Gorilla mum and baby :)

That's me for now, VC will be back soon, over and out!

NBM xx

Monday, 7 April 2008


Well, where did that week go, then?? I'm so sorry I've been away for so long... I don't know quite how a WHOLE WEEK passed since last I blogged, I really don't.

Unfortunately, even though I don't have a note from my mum, I'm going to have to request that I be excused from blogland for a little bit longer. Just a little bit.

I will try to be back soon, when I will bring the seven random facts that I owe Melissa (I've been thinking about them, honestly! I only have two or three facts so far but I do have a theme and it is the Best Theme Ever. Fact.)

In the meantime I may try to persuade the NBM to do a guest post, as she has lots of excellent photos from this weekend. She took this and one of these on a trip to here. You have been warned.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Little Rosie Probert*

The NBM's monkey, blending in on the sofa:

And hanging out with the locals:

*The NBM would like me to make it clear that her monkey is not, in fact, called Little Rosie Probert. She is called Rose. I just think that Little Rosie Probert has a nice ring to it - and it lends itself so easily to the TLA format! Good old LRP ;o)