Monday, 20 October 2008

Reasons to be cheerful...

... in three parts*.

Part 1...

Back by popular demand! Hurrah!

Part 2...

My new gloves:

So soft and cosy!

So pretty!

And yes, I know I shouldn't really have bought them because

a) I could have made something veeeery similar myself, and
b) they are mass-produced and from a big(ish) chain

BUT, in my defence, if I'd tried to make them myself I probably wouldn't have got round to finishing them until next spring, by which time they'd have been unecessary anyway. And, they're just sooooo soft and luvverly.... so can I be let off, please?

And finally......

Part 3...

As of last weekend, my left hand is now considerably sparklier than it used to be:

Sparkly sparkly

*Part 3 is my favourite :o)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Wreck this journal - it begins

Remember I said that in a bid for creativity, I was going to try and be a bit more destructive, through the medium of a copy of Wreck this journal? Well, my journal finally arrived at the weekend, and I was keen to get stuck in and complete some of the tasks.

First, I followed an instruction that I found VERY difficult:

However, it was quite cathartic and I felt all liberated afterwards :o) I cracked it once....

and then twice....

and then a whole lot of other times just for good measure!

Next, I completed a slightly easier one:

And I've done a couple of others too, but I'll have to save those for next time as the NBM is getting grumpy and wants me to leave the computer alone now.

We're going away for the weekend, but I will be taking my journal with me, and I will try to do a journal-wrecking update when we get back. Bye for now....

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wednesday giggles

OK, so I know this is too late for ITLAP Day, but...

Well, it made me laugh, anyway :o) It is from the ever-wonderful Savage Chickens site.

And, because I'm in a cartoony moody (you'll probably need to click on this one to make it big enough to read):

It is by Roz Chast, and the NBM found it here. I think that both of my Grandmas could probably relate to it on a very personal level :o)

In Mojo news: thank you all for your kind words of support at this difficult time. Sadly, it's still AWOL. I had a good look for it at the weekend, but it wasn't at bikefest in Cheddar, where our crazy friend was spending 10 hours cycling up a gert big hill and then zooming back down again, far too fast (the energentic fool), and neither was it in Morrisons at Cribbs Causeway, or in the enormously long queue at the bank (it was a *very* exciting weekend, as I'm sure you can tell). I've got a few tip-offs though, so I'm hoping to track it down soon.

Must go now, but leaving you with a thought-for-the-day, courtesy of my Dad, who saw it on a sign outside a cafe:

"The future is uncertain. Eat dessert first!"

Wise words, indeed :o)