Saturday, 9 August 2008


My bumble garden has had disappointing results so far: it's attracted several hoverflies, a couple of bluebottles, and heaps of wasps.... but no bumbles. Hmph.

However, luckily I saw lots and lots and lots of bumbles in Cornwall, when we went there last week for a little holiday (look away now if you don't like pictures of fuzzy insects...)

We saw this one:

and this one:

and this one:

and then this one, busily cleaning her tongue:

... but I have to say, this last one came as a wee bit of a shock:

Anyway, that's all my bumbling about for the time being; I'm now going away again for a week or so to visit my Grandma, so I'm afraid my blog will be a little quiet (again) for a while. But I'll be here when I get back.

Cheerio for now :o)


Lesley said...

Lovely fluffy bumbles VC! We haven't had many here either - probably due to the lovely 'summer' weather!!

Hope you have a lovely time at your Grandma's :)


monkee maker said...

Smashing wildlife shots there, VC, if you ever fancy a change in career I think you'll be sorted!

And wait .... was that "sun" you experienced while you were in Cornwall?? Surely not! You were better off there then, than back home in Drizzle Brizzle :(

Hope you have a fab time with your Nan.


silverpebble said...

Magic Terry Nutkins-style moments there! Those bumblers are lovely, but their 10,000 BC mutant cousin is a bit alarming. He might have your head off.

Have a great time with Granny. x

trashalou said...

Didn't I see that last bumblebee on a Dr. Who episode?

Sal said...

Gorgeous bumbles!We have had so few this year, here in my Devon garden.;-)

Rachael Rabbit said...

I love bumble bees - they are so good for the world! I'm sure that your bumble garden will attract them in time!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Love your bumbling post VC - you could always come up to the allotment as the bees love my cornflowers!

Have a lovely visit with your Grandma!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Such lovely bumblebee photos! Especially like that sunflower one. Have a good time with your Grandma.

Carol R said...

Great photos - especially the one cleaning her tongue!
And I'm not too sure that I'm keen on the last one
visiting my garden!
Enjoy your trip.

Charlie P said...

Aww...bees! I'm very impressed that you managed to get them to stay still. It took me about 30 minutes to get a good shot of the massive ladybird I found in Germany. It nearly got squished in the process :s

Have fun at your Grandma's! If it's anything like visiting my Grandma make sure you take earplugs for the telly and check the 'use by' date of everything in the fridge.

monkee maker said...

Now look here, Missy. I know you're back .... unless you're commenting from afar ....

Don't make me come over there armed with Pie Ministers to throw at your windows. Or Muffins. Ha! Like I'd throw muffins!!

Blogland needs a chicken. And it needs that chicken to be vicious.

....I'm just saying ....

Thank you and goodnight.