Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wednesday giggles

OK, so I know this is too late for ITLAP Day, but...

Well, it made me laugh, anyway :o) It is from the ever-wonderful Savage Chickens site.

And, because I'm in a cartoony moody (you'll probably need to click on this one to make it big enough to read):

It is by Roz Chast, and the NBM found it here. I think that both of my Grandmas could probably relate to it on a very personal level :o)

In Mojo news: thank you all for your kind words of support at this difficult time. Sadly, it's still AWOL. I had a good look for it at the weekend, but it wasn't at bikefest in Cheddar, where our crazy friend was spending 10 hours cycling up a gert big hill and then zooming back down again, far too fast (the energentic fool), and neither was it in Morrisons at Cribbs Causeway, or in the enormously long queue at the bank (it was a *very* exciting weekend, as I'm sure you can tell). I've got a few tip-offs though, so I'm hoping to track it down soon.

Must go now, but leaving you with a thought-for-the-day, courtesy of my Dad, who saw it on a sign outside a cafe:

"The future is uncertain. Eat dessert first!"

Wise words, indeed :o)


Kitty said...

My mum's got one of those remotes - just like that, it is!

Hope your mojo turns up soon. Did it go on holiday? Perhaps you'll get a postcard?


Lesley said...

Our remote actually does do all those things. It's useless for simple stuff like finding something to watch but it can do all sorts of stupid useless other stuff....unless Moogsdad is using it and then it behaves!!

They've got Crafty Mojo's on special offer in Hobbycraft this week - inbetween the zoo animal funky foam and the totally unadhesive pompom animal kits. I've got a £3 off voucher if you need it :)


Gina said...

Thank you for the giggles - especially like the quote about dessert!

tintocktap said...

Ooh can I have one of those remote controls? I'd love to have one with buttons that really said that!

And thanks for another great excuse for eating dessert!

My stitchy mojo went for a wander at the start of the summer and I've been obsessed with crochet ever since. So how about trying something different?

lauren said...

HA!!!!!!!!!!!! times two! (tho actually, i have a friend who PERSONIFIES the second the point where...she would probably not find that cartoon i think we won't mention it, ok?!) ;)

WHAT??!?! you say monsieur mojo was NOT found in the very very long line at the bank??!?! i am stunned by this!!! (having expended 9700 decibels of sarcasm--and two lots of html italicizing tags--on this comment, i realize that a LOT of my "lightbulb" ideas tend to strike when i'm in the shower...or in line at the bank...or on the treadmill at the gym...)

ps: i cannot BELIEVE you would even consider apologizing *TO ME* for the "toasty interwebs" bit...which genuinely DID make me laugh out loud, much to LHJ's amusement! afterall, "relentlessly perservered metaphoric blog comment" is my middle name!!! (ok, actually, it's "judith"...but i am considering changing it...) ♥

monkee maker said...

I tell you, I'm sure our mojo's were spotted out together in Bristol enjoying a latte and a raspberry and white choc chip muffin!

I too looked for my monkee makin' mojo at Morrisons just yesterday, and like you, didn't find it. I did find some rather lovely tea towels and oh-so-pretty tins and trays with cupcakes on though .... cupcakes - hurrah!

And your friend is obviously quite quite mad and should be institutionalised immediately (as should Simon who is taking part in the 'Tasty Cheddar' this weekend .... if your friend hasn't been committed by then and fancies another run up the gorge ....)


Valerie said...

This is a cute post!

Charlie P said...

They are FAB!
Keep looking for that Mojo. It'll turn up. Mine is overflowing now that the brain is being forced to think academically again and I have to read books without pictures :( Maybe you could borrow some?

p.s. have been looking out for that dragony thing- no luck yet!