Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I was reading Lauren's post today, and it reminded me of the following video (for reasons that will become clear if you read Lauren's post and watch the clip):

I *heart* Bill Bailey :o) I saw him live once and I laughed so much during his show that I was in actual physical pain by the end of the evening (but it was *so* worth it). I particularly liked this bit:

Anyway, that's probably enough Bill for one post.

In other news, I have developed a minor new obsession - for bumblebees. Its all about the bumbling here at the moment. So much so that I seem to have neglected my blogging duties again - too busy staring out of the window hoping that a bumble might bumble past, or even stray into my new bumblebee garden. Technically speaking, said garden is just a large pot of lavender and a small variegated thyme in a windowbox, but such is the limitation of a second-floor flat. I have had a couple of visitors, but they've bumbled off again too quickly for me to take their photos to share with you. But I'll be trying to snap the next ones that come along.

Must go. I keep thinking I hear buzzing when I stray too far from the window. Bumble bumble bumble......


lauren said...

i *heart* bill bailey too! and i had never seen either of those! they are PRICELESS!!! especially the "hokey cokey" one...especially today!!! thank you for sharing that!!! :)

JA! das hokey cokey!!!

(ps: good luck with the bumbles! if you want to attract LOTS of them, take some small, bug-phobic nieces onna picnic. you won't be able to MOVE for bumbles, i assure you!!!)

lauren said...

i have updated my post to link to your post, which references my post. hehehehe. i love t'interwebz. is very fun--oh ja! :)

trashalou said...

when I am allowed to interweb with the sound on again I shall listen to those clips b/c I heart Bill Bailey too.

Kitty said...

Ha! Loving those Bill Bailey clips - he is utterly fabulous isn't he?

Bumble bees are fab - although I have a small boy who is (since the unfortunate incident of the wasp sting) terrified of all flying insects :-(


Random Reflections said...

You would rather stare out the window than blog. I am cut to the quick... Hope you see some nice bumble bees though!

Lesley said...

Quality post VC :)

I heart BB too and those clips are just fabtastic - what a very clever chap!!!

I know that if you DON'T want bumbles in your house you should open all the windows but I don't know what to do if you actually DO want them?!

I do love a bumble and feel rather sad to see them expired on the pavement on the way to school.

If my friend's daughter finds an expiring bumble she spoon feeds it sugar water.


Doesn't work.

They still snuff it.


Gina said...

It's no fair... I can't get the sound to work on my computer and Bill Bailey is so funny! But Lauren's post made me laugh too!

silverpebble said...

Bill Bailey is brilliant but the sound is all pants on our computer too. Happily I have seen this before and it was genius.

I must admit to a big big crush on BB's friend Simon Pegg too though. I heart him (I have written it on my pencilcase).

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliantly mad post VC - you never fail to amuse!!!! Lucy x

Carol R said...

If you like bees visit my blog and take a look at the bee on lobelia picture - click on the picture to enlarge and you will see what a cute little botty he has - looks like a smiley face! lol

Anonymous said...
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