Thursday, 13 November 2008

Can't blog... far too busy behaving like a headless chicken...

Sorry bloggers - having tantalised you with a promise of post-shower journal pics I'm going to have to postpone that treat because I'm far too busy this evening, with two Very Important Things.

Very Important Thing number one is that I am getting in a flap because I don't know what to wear tomorrow for my graduation ceremony - any ideas on what goes well with a flat hat??

Gratuitous graduation-themed picture

Also, if I wear my pointy pointy shoes, how much d'you think they'd increase my chances of falling flat on my face as I climb onto the stage? And is it worth the risk to wear them anyway (bearing in mind that they are very very nice pointy pointy shoes)?

Gratuitous picture of pointy-pointy shoes (kindly modeled by HP8: because I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of just the shoes...)

Very Important Thing number two is a very pressing knitting-deadline-related issue. Which would be OK in itself, but every time I knit lately I keep getting the Blazing Dragons theme in my head. If you are feeling brave then you can find out why by watching the video below; but I warn you that it is very, very irritating (so if you do watch it, you will understand why I wish I could get it out of my head!!)

Right, off to go and hunt through my wardobe now for something appropriate to wear to meet a Vice Chancellor...


"... that doesn't rhyme... that's OK... we're gonna sing it anyway!..." *sobs quietly to self as song refuses to leave head*


trashalou said...

Can't help you with your clothing dilemma, at my graduation I was wearing a fully gestated person!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh no!!!! If it's your graduation tomorrow then I don't 'spose you'll be able to get to Covent Garden around lunchtime to meet up with a noisy bloggy bunch :(

I've just sent you an email about it so let me know if there is any chance you could have a slight detour!!!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Wear the pointy shoes... wear the pointy shoes!!!

monkee maker said...

Happy Graduation Day!! I hope you've decided on your outfit now .... won't it pretty much be covered up with one of those big black gown type thingies?? (Can you tell I didn't ever graduate?)

Good luck with staying upright in your lovely pointy pointy shoes too.


dottycookie said...

Have a lovely graduation! I am hoping (despite Lucy's comment) that your graduation is Friday, and that perhaps you'll be around for bloggy lunch on Saturday ... and I'm also hoping Locket is going to turn up in Covent Garden on Saturday indtead of Friday! And now I have even confused myself ;-)

dottycookie said...

It was so lovely to meet you and NBM today - if I could have found your email address I'd have mailed directly so this will have to do ;-) Hope you had a good time at the exhibition and found your way to the flat later ...

lauren said...

HOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY for graduation!!! congrats congrats congrats!!! i would wear the flat hat and the pointy shoes...or perhaps a pointy hat and flat shoes (safer?! for me, i mean, what with my "klutz issues"!)...and a stylish capelet made from the photocopies of 3-years'-worth of tuition bills & textbook know just symbollically... :)

ps: i had never had a real word in word veri either, until THE DAY you left that comment...and then immediately after i was on a fellow cardmaker's blog and got "CARDS"!!!!!!!!!!! (quick! somebody call derek ancora!!!)

pss: i also enjoy making up my own words from the oddly spelled ones, though! (*IS* that geeky?? ok, yeah, i guess you're right. but then i also queue up excitedly on the days you are planning to post knitting stats in various types of clearly THAT ship had already sailed!) right now my word is "MAGRAINE" which is either a french policeman with an outsized cranium, or the headache suffered by an old-fashioned southern lady from a very good family. (i will let YOU choose!!!) ;)

psss: i DID have viscous chicken one time...atta banquet...not an experience i'd care to repeat... :O

Charlie P said...

Hope graduation day went swimmingly- do we get to see photos? Did the pointy shoes go with you in the end?

p.s. hope the cake search is going well- will there be a little woolly monkey on the top? Or maybe two little wooly monkeys?

lauren said...

"ifffffffffffff i were not in the C.I.D.
something else i'd like to be:
if i were not in the C.I.D.
a window cleaner, me!
with a rub-a-dub-dub
and a scrub-a-dub-dub
and a rub-a-dub all day long;
with a rub-a-dub-dub
and a scrub-a-dub-dub
i'd sing this little song!!!"

well of course my dearest darling i should have known that ♥YOU♥ would know inspector dim! in fact, i slightly suspect you might even not be utterly stumped if i were to turn to you and ask, hopefully, in the midst of such a conversation, "lemming of the BDA??"

by now you'll have cottoned on to the fact that ANY TIME in the course of my entire life that there has been a silly little ditty, song, or advertising jingle played in my presence it has become permanently lodged in my cranium!!! 'member that "nelly the elephant" song you played ONCE on yer blog like a year ago, which i had never heard before or since?? UH-HUH i still sometimes find myself humming it. which is why i have FORCED myself to
in this post
don't do it, lauren!!!!!!!!!

ps: HOW ON EARTH could *you* EVER suffer from "talent-envy"??!?! girrrrrrrrrrrrrl that's just crazy talk!!!

pss: nellie the elephant packed her trunk and ran away from the cirrrrrrrrrrrrrrcus! (sigh)

Miaou said...

LOL at HP8 wearing your shoes! I bet they look far better on you ;-)