Tuesday, 16 December 2008

You might expect...

... that after a month of blog silence, I'd return with something momentous and wonderful.

And you'd be right! I'm here to urge you to click on a link that will enable you to watch something very wonderful indeed.

Oh, and you might want to put the kettle on :o)


(Sorry this momentous breaking-of-blog-silence isn't a bit longer, or more pretty: I have urgent Christmas knitting deadlines that I must attend to...)


Kitty said...

Hahahahahahahaha ... love that video. *hic* I shall bookmark and show it to the kids later. Ta for that.

I've just been feeding your turtles. It was only an accident that I kept putting the food in the middle of them and watched them pirouette to see which one could get it first. Honest.

Lovely to 'see' you. I thought of you this week when the school borrowed our eBay beard and moustache (on elastic). Not nearly as good as yours.


silverpebble said...

My favourite moment is the boozy crumby mumble 'tasty pies'. What an excellent way to come back to blogland mrs knitty chicken. Whatcher knittin? Turkeys?

BTW extend my hearty northern greetings to NBM.

Random Reflections said...

Oh that's marvellous. I shall be glued to my telly on Christmas Day!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

lmao '... I should like to shave a stoat...' Stupendous. Something worth watching on telly over the Crombo hols.

Nice to see you back - you're nearly as prolific as me!!! :o)

Moogsmum said...

Oh fantastic!!! You can be forgiven your absence thanks to that great link!


monkee maker said...

Hurrah! You're back! .... kinda .... and you brought a brilliant Christmas message with you - thanks for sharing. I particularly like the 'parp' at the end that wakes him up .... reminds me of someone ....

I was thinking about you this week too, as I was writing my (shop-bought) christmas cards, and wondering if you were on a mammoth card making gig again this year. Still LOVE that sprouts one from last year.


ps. Just incase we don't see you again for a month : Happy Christmas! and Happy New Year!!

pps. and Happy Knitting!

Random Reflections said...

VC - you are lovely. Thanks so much for the card. I have no way to send one in return though, so have to leave you a message here!

It quite made my day. Thank you!

Lindsay Jean said...

Fantastic link - good luck with your knitting deadlines!

Greedy Nan said...

Really liked this. Have also sent it on to the lovely man.
If I feel a bit mis, I'll go back and look again because it made me laugh lots and I was even beating time [sad or what].
Thanks for putting it on your blog.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Happy Christmas to you, VC! I hope it was wonderful. Love your holiday tree, by the way.

lauren said...

WONDER-ful, indeed!
i think the part with the cupboard doors is my fave...or possibly when monkee gets FLUNG across the kitchen to land safely in his seat...don't even get me started on THE COW...
i might have to go & watch a few more times!!!
(& maybe even put the kettle on!) ;)