Monday, 14 April 2008

You have to laugh...


Kitty said...

It won't play properly for me VC :-( I think the problem is mine - yours is the second embedded video I've had trouble with today. Time for some scans methinks, just in case my lappy has a problem.


PS: Whatever happens, those chaps are wearing pretty darned 'yikes' type jumpers! x

Patti said...

I saw this too. And I kept thinking "This is how my colleagues see me when I mention knitting. UH Oh!"

And then I thought - ha - so what. Those guys have lovely jumpers and otherwise he would have just been wasting time!

ps - I don't actually knit by the photocopier. I just want to!

Lesley said...

If I could get Moogsdad's stupid headphones to work I'd probably laugh too - did manage a little snigger without sound though - just at the bloke knitting!

I'll be back when the headphoes are working!


Monkee Maker said...

Well that's just shocking! ... did you SEE how he was holding those sticks?? A natural knittist my eye!


ps. That advert is much MUCH better than that bally Shreddies advert with the grannies knitting said Shreddies. Cuh! Talk about stereotypical. .... why haven't they got YOUNG knittists making them? Hey? Hey??