Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Back on the blogwagon...

Hello all,

AWOL chicken here, reporting for duty again... after quite a long time away.

Ever since I finished my dissertation, I've had much more free time (especially during the fortnight that NBM was away), but I've been finding it quite a challenge to actually get on with anything in said free time. I've been flitting about and doing odds and ends, but I haven't really accomplished anything note-worthy or blog-worthy. Equally, I've fallen by the wayside with blogging itself. I'm just hoping that my blogging mojo will return at some point soon.

So, I'm not feeling especially inspired, but I'm checking in just to say hello. And to find out whether squatters have moved into my blog whilst I've been gone :o)

I do also have a quick pic to share, in the form of ISTWIWOAAAILI Saturdays #5 - this week, brought to you in the very rare and exclusive Wednesday edition!

More street art (with a rather dapper-looking gentleman in the background - although he does mar the look a little with the addition of the Sains bag, I feel). I love street art. I warn you now, I have quite a lot of other street art piccies stored up for future ISTWIWOAAAILI posts. But I'll try and spread them out a bit, for those of you who aren't so keen :o)

Anyway, that's all for now... but, like Arnie: I'll be back :o)


Random Reflections said...

Hooray! You're not dead.

That is all.

Charlie P said...

Yey! I understand your flitting only too well. It is the curse of too much free time. I have a 4 1/2 day weekend and do NOTHING yet still manage to have no time to do anything. Here's hoping the blogging mojo returns. Why don't you knit yourself a nice new beard?

Yet again that picture is frustratingly familiar. I like the classy chap (on his way to the grad ball I presume) with a bulging carrier of beer to avoid the bar prices. Clever :D

tintocktap said...

Hello - good to see you back. And if you think the flitting thing is bad, try doing it with a 2 month old baby!

trashalou said...

You flitty chicken you! Welcome back.

Kitty said...

*Sprints into VC's blog and gives her a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hug*

Hello :-D It's very very good to see you. I thought the Brizzle Anti-blog Monster had got you, like it got MM :-(

Hope you and NBM are keeping well - take care. x

Lesley said...

So good to have you back VC - I totally get you on the flitting thing - the less you blog the harder it is to do!
Glad you're there to keep up the Brizzle goodness :)