Saturday, 14 June 2008


This week: puppy sculpture! Hurrah!

I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy the stone fish / dolphin / dragon picture last week. To answer the various questions: it's not at ground level - it's actually quite high up, above the doorway of a building, so looking closely is a bit tricky. And yes, Charlie P, it's in Bristol - you can have a very small prize if you can work out where!

In other news, the NBM is back - a little grumpy from the jet-lag, but otherwise right as rain. Only she's standing here looking like she wants a shot on the computer, so I'd best pootle off.

Cheerio for now...


trashalou said...

Welcome back NBM! Jetlag sucks, huh (sympathetic smile, tilts head,exhales) Lots and lots of sunlight is the recommendation from Dr.Trash up here on the Hill.

V.C. Sculpture made from puppies? Not sure how the RSPCA would respond!!!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Ooh, love this doggy. Glad the NBM arrived home safely. Hope all of the odd Americans weren't _too_ hard to deal with. (Says the very odd American.)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That dog sculpture is fab!

Glad to hear the NBM is safely back!

Don't stray too far from the computer - we need lots of blogginess!

Lucy xx

Gina said...

Brilliant puppy sculpture. Glad NBM is back home safely.

Charlie P said...

Now that's just cruel! Dangling the promise of a prize in front of me :)
I've typed every version of fish/seamonster into google images I could think of and found nothing. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere! Can I have a clue? Please?

Glad to hear the NBM made it back in one piece :)

silverpebble said...

The monkeys must be jubilant now the wanderer has returned. The dog sculpture's fab - are those big nuts and bolts?

Lesley said...

Another great Saturday photo VC! Fab metal pup :)

So glad NBM is back safe and sound. Using the computer is no good AT ALL for jetlagged peeps - she really should make you use it instead ;)


Kitty said...

Welcome back NBM - though sorry to hear about the jet lag. You probably shouldn't go on the poota with jet lag: leave the poota-ing to VC. For the best all round, really.

Lovely puppy - I'm sure it'd cut down on the moulting.


Monkee Maker said...

Ah-ha - I see a trip to Blaise Castle happened on a gorgeous day. Did you see the No Dogs sign about a metre away from that sculpture? They'll make up their minds!

Glad to hear that the NBM got back safely .... shall you be locking her in the flat now so that she can't do any more globe-trotting?


lauren said...

*PUPPIES* made that sculpture??! WOW!!!!!!!! and when they were done, did they *POODLE* off??! hahaHAHAhahaHAha!

(ok, sorry, apparently i am even sillier than usual this morning...which, you know, for very silly indeed! welcome home NBM!!!)

(ps: my word verification is "VCFBHDY"! i *get* the "VC" part...but what does "FBHDY" mean??!) :)