Friday, 19 September 2008

Don't forget!

Today be a very special day, folks! Yarrr :o)

Yarr, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! The most piratey day o' the year! Avast! Do enjoy it, mateys!

An' for those o' ye that be interested in yarrr-n (*giggle*), why not pick up yer sticks, an' go Knit like a Pirate? Hooray! Knit on, me hearties :o)

An' shiver me timbers. Or something.*

PS. If ye be wanting t'promote ITLAP day in "workplaces with no sense of pirattitude" (in the words of the official ITLAP website), there be a subtle an' brilliant poster, here. It tickled me more than a jellyfish's tenticles. Yarr.

*It be harder than it looks to talk like a pirate. I did me best.


Kitty said...

I'm thinking that being a Bristolian might give you a head start on talking like a pirate? :-p

Arrrrr, I loved that poster.


PS Two people have asked me to make pirate monkeys - they are next on my monkey list!

trashalou said...

Arrrrr, that tis sure a piratey poster there.

Ahaaarr.... (errr... my pirate speaking skills run out there. Sorry. I tried.)

Michaela said...

I can sense a little hat with a pirate theme happening today. What thinks you me 'arties?

monkee maker said...

Oh, VC, you've really shivered me timbers with that bag!

And that poster alone is worth at least eight pieces of eight - it's priceless!

But avast me hearties, I simply can't believe it's been a whole year since these piratey shenanigans appeared on the poop deck of your blog. It seems like only yesterday that I was raiding Davey Jones's locker for pirate slang!

(Ok, so I may have looked at Pirates of the Caribbean again ...)

Talking of which .... Johnny Depp .... Arrrrrrrrrr!!


Anonymous said...

(Sorry me beauty, that comment may have been affected by grog)

(And yes. I have just checked out the TLAP blog ....)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

R* that be a great poster!

Lindsay Jean said...

Avast! Prepare yer blog to be boarded, fer no bloggy pirate can run across anuther 'less a mighty battle ensue!

{I loved your pirate talk. There'll be more of us next year.}

lauren said...

(or indeed "R") :)
cap'n cloudy!
ahoy & a very happy (if belated) ITLAPD to you and yer mates, matey!

i be sorry to be so tardy in me cheery piratical greetings, but what with the wenchin' and the swabbin' and the knittin' and the drinkin' and the pillagin' and the golfin' (we pirates be mad keen on miniature golf, ye know!) (arrr!) i lost track of time...

and blackbeardberry always has trouble a-gettin' a signal in that there bermudy triangle thingie...arrrrr...a pirate's life be much more difficult-n-complicated than most folk be a- realizin'!

cap'n iron fist

Lesley said...

Oh pants - I missed it again!! Im playing bloggy catch up and have missed so much fun!!

BTW - watched MP and the Holy Grail the other night. Now know why you are called the Vicious Chicken :) Genius!


p.s. love the pirate poster!

Charlie P said...


That poster is pure genius!

p.s. Mr.Pigeon is sitting on my shoulder saying "Pigeon wants a cracker"