Monday, 15 September 2008

I am very proud of my knees

Now, please don't think I have finally lost the plot. The title of this post is perfectly sane. I am proud of my knees because they did not give way under me yesterday when I made them carry me 13.1 miles round the Bristol Half Marathon.

Some of you may remember that I did this run last year, and at the time I wasn't sure if I'd ever run that far again. However, yesterday morning I found myself lining up with nearly 16,000 others on Anchor Road, contemplating the more-than-two-hours of plodding that lay ahead. And on the first warm and sunny day we've had in weeks, too; just when I'd got used to running in torrential rain!

But anyway, the long-story-short is that I finished, and that I am still on speaking terms with my knees, for which I am very thankful.

And for those of you who wish I would shut up about my knees and get back to knitting-based-pursuits, here is a picture NBM took of me in the runners' village, looking perplexed by the words spray-painted onto the ground:

(For those of you who can't read it, it says "knitting needles")
(oh, and please don't laugh at my oh-so-fetching silver skirt space blanket)

Knitting needles, eh? Hmm.... But running with your knitting needles is very dangerous, surely?? How odd. And quite apart from that clear health-and-safety issue: where, in fact, were these promised knitting needles? It was a mystery.

...... Or at least, it would have been, had I not been standing in the very same spot one week before, watching this:

Some very, very large knitting. Very large indeed.

Mystery solved :o)


Kitty said...

Why is that man doing that with that beautiful Cornish organic wool? Why?

Anyway, many congratulations to you and your knees - both of them - for achieving yet another extremely testing run. I truly admire you.

Did you get to keep the bacofoil skirt? Bet you could make some fab Crimble decorations with that!


trashalou said...

Perhaps it was a sign? 'Go thee home and maketh knee warmers by the multitude. Yea, I say unto thee - thy knees shall be kept warm and hence will be your bosom companions.'

Or not.

Well done on a successfully completed race :-)

monkee maker said...

Hurrah for your knees! And your feet! And your legs! And your lungs! And everything else that helped get you round those 13.1 miles - you mad thing you!

At first I thought you'd carried a stick of chalk around with you on the run and had mindlessly scrawled knitting graffitti onto random surfaces, but PHEW! I see that isn't the case.


ps. Did you offer to knit that poor chap a row or two? Looks like his arms could have done with a rest ....

Gina said...

Well done you and your knees - a great achievement!

Lesley said...

A mahoosive well done to you and your knees for a great job on the 13.1 miles!!
I feel some geek points are in order:
10 GP's for being photographed in your lovely bacofoil skirt.
20 GP's for seamlessly seguing to the bloke with big needles.

I also feel Kitty deserves 10 points for recognising the provenance of the yarn :)

I would have awarded some to Trashy for her biblical quote but I feel she may have just made it up!