Monday, 29 October 2007

Holidays - Part 1

So, I promise not bang on and on about my wee holiday, and bore you rigid with millions of holiday snaps, but I thought I would just share a couple of highlights and pretty pictures.

We went to Llandudno in North Wales, and a splendid time was had by all. We stopped for a cuppa on the drive up, and next to the tea- and butty-wagon there was a little tourist-hut thingy, where Delaware went a bit overboard in picking up leaflets for local attractions. Here he is when we arrived at the B&B, deciding what he wanted to do the next day:

... so I think he might have been quite cross when we decided to go up the Great Orme the next day, and leave him behind at the B&B. Sorry Delaware.

But don't go thinking it was a monkeyless day - oh no! We took Wilmington instead!

Here he is, thoroughly enjoying a round of crazy golf at the summit of the Orme:


And here he is again, clinging on for dear life as we came back down the Orme on a TERRIFYINGLY HIGH CABLE CAR!!

I was He was very brave. To give you an idea of how high we were, this picture was taken when we were already about halfway down:


The following day was a little more sedate, with a trip to a sea zoo (how cool a name is that?! No common-or-garden aquarium here, thank you very much - we have a sea zoo!)

So here is the best sea zoo picture that features a monkey:

I love this picture! It makes me smile every time I look at it. So thanks to the NBM for some sterling point-and-squirt action on the camera :o)

And heck, here's one more sea zoo shot, while I'm at it:

But I think that's quite enough for one day. Tune in next time for Holidays - Part 2 (and don't worry: there's only going to be two parts. Unless I'm feeling proper lazy tomorrow, in which case there may be three - but defniately no more. Honest.)


My Paper World said...

Great pics! I love crazy golf!

Monkee Maker said...

Truly smashing holiday snaps; what fab weather you had for your brave jaunt up that mountain!

Being the photo scrutiniser that I am though(ie. nosy) .... I couldn't help noticing what looked like monkey coloured yarn behind young Delaware.

.... working on anything new, perchance??

trashalou said...

Wow! Fabulous photo of monkey and Koi Carp (? - Nerdy teenage years and friend's father with aqaurium) at sea zoo.

Perhaps you could sell it to MM for muchos dosh to use in her monkee cards in her eagerly awaited monkee shop?

lauren said...

oooh trashalou has a v good point...clearly monkeenomics are the wave of the could start posting delaware & wilmington's holiday snaps on a "pay per view" basis! :)

that does indeed look like a terrifyingly high cable car. you--ahem--wilmington was very brave to ride in such a deathtrap...i mean...lovely and surely-perfectly- safe-despite-appearances conveyance!

sea zoo??! cool name, AWESOME photos!!! the large fish seems to be wondering what brand of tea young wilmington represents! :)

Melissa said...

Oooh, sea zoo shot is wonderful! I feel a tad sorry for Delaware, however.

Just as an aside, I must say I find buttys (butties), to be a sort of peculiar culinary invention. (Just to make sure - I remember them being chips with castup between two pieces of bread - yes?) I used to have an English friend who put crisps in his sandwich, too. Never could quite figure that out, either. Of course, I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so I'm not really one to talk...

the vicious chicken said...

Ah, well, Melissa - that'd be a chip buttie. Buttie wagons often cater for alternatives too, though - like bacon butties, or sausage butties.

And in case you were wondering, we had none of the above. The home-made chocolate cake was much more inviting, so we plumped for that instead :o)

(Please be aware that it was quite an unusual wagon - they don't often have home-made cake, in my experience. Salmonella, possibly; home-bakes, no.*)

*Compare with the butty wagon's distant relative, "Kebab Van of Doom", which is more 'Food poisoning, definately; home-bakes, not on your nelly'.

Melissa McCarthy said...

Monkees bring such JOY!!! (and tea does too) :0) Mel