Sunday, 9 September 2007

A shiny, shiny thing

Yesterday I promised to deliver a very exciting post today. Well, I may be the only person who finds this very exciting, but today I RAN A HALF-MARATHON! For the first (and possibly last) time, I managed to shift myself around 13.1 miles of Bristol's finest roads using the power of run. And just LOOK at the lovely shiny thing I have to show for it:

I'm a magpie*

For a long time, I doubted that this was something I could ever achieve. I'm not what you would call naturally athletic, so the many months of training runs have been Hard Work. Luckily, I was born under a stubborn star, which may be the only thing that stopped me from giving up!

Granted, it was a fab experience to run under the Clifton Suspension Bridge (twice) and around the city centre with 14,999 other runners - but I'm quite glad it is now all over. I can eat chocolate biscuits again. And drink wine. Mmmmm.

I can't, however, walk down stairs without looking like a geriatric crab. But such is life.

*Arty photo courtesy of T'Other Half, who seemed to have fun tinkering with the camera's macro zoom...


My Paper World said...

Im a new blogger too! congratulations on your achievement! ( your blog & your half-marathon! ) you must have worked really hard, so I think you deserve that chocolate and wine now!

Monkee Maker said...

Yeah, sure, show the rest of us Bristolian slouchers up, why don't you??

No, but seriously .... please don't do it again.

*Sigh* Ok, so you did really really well and now I have guilt about the muffin I was troughing while you were running literally minutes away from me. But not much.

WELL DONE. (There, I said it) (and meant it :-) )

trashalou said...

Yay for vicious chicken!

Zoebert said...

Oh how pretty!!!

Good job, I envy anyone who has time and ability to particiapte in these kinds of events. I keep telling myself someday...but then they seeml ike so much work, that "someday" just keeps getting pushed out.

Good job!!

lauren said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is a GREAT achievement, and completely worthy of the awesome (and well-photographed) shiny thing!