Saturday, 23 February 2008

I'm still here

Here is the update from the Chicken Estate.

This is finished (hooray!):

Exhibit A: one newly-laid train line

But this is not finished:

Exhibit B: my personal work mountain

So, many apologies for the lack of blog posts here recently, and also the lack of comments on your own lovely blogs: I have been stopping by, but have not always been capable of forming meaningful responses stringing together more than two words at a time.

I do hope to return to a fuller service shortly. In the meantime, here are some pictures of soothing things that make me smile, and thereby prevent my head from feeling like it might explode. Firstly:

My new boots - half price from that nice Anne-Marie Brantano

(Actually, I'd appreciate your thoughts on these, because when I bought them - and when I wore them earlier today - I thought they looked quite classy... but now that I see this picture I fear they may make me look like a lady of ill repute, and/or an auditionee for the lead role in Puss in Boots. Neither of which are quite the look I was going for.)

Secondly, monkey, monkey, and thrice monkey:


And to finish, another gratuitous flower shot:

Please call back soon for more stop-gap photos of mundane items! Next time, I hope to bring you my epic masterwork - The cutlery drawer: friend or foe?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The monkees are marvellous and I think the boots look great! Hope your head doesn't explode - it wouldn't make for a nice photo!

Lucy xxx

Kitty said...

Ah yes, that old question about the cutlery drawer - friend or foe. Personally I think it depends which angle you go in from - spoons are generally friendly beasts, but forks and knives ... hmmm, there can be prickage if you're not careful.

Personally, I think the boots are fab, and not at all trollop-ish. Good for you for getting the bargain.

Hope you manage to get your work done soon. x

Monkee Maker said...

Oh Thank God! For a moment there I thought you'd lost the faith.

Excellent news on the rail front .... not so excellent on the work front .... but excellent again on the bootie front. And what tiny feet you (seem to) have.


ps. Please never ever EVER call a picture of a monkey (or three monkeys for that matter) mundane again. It can cause offense.

trashalou said...

Cutlery drawer very bad friend - lots of sharp bits in it that just get used dirty and need washing up.

I hate washing cutlery!

tintocktap said...

All in favour of gratuitous monkee photos! And I'm struggling a bit to keep up with blog reading and commenting at the moment too. (Something to do with a baby due in 6 weeks ...) Look forward to your cutlery drawer thesis.

Lesley said...

Finished railway line - good.

Work mountain - less good.

Boots - very very good but are your thighs stinging from all that slapping?

Monkees - fantastically good!!! Love the fluffy one especially!

Flowery plant - very pretty :)

Cannot wait for Tales from the Cutlery Drawer!!!


lauren said...

lovely train tracks!
(lovely silence, too, i'm betting!)
FAB boots!
scary work-mountain!
super cute monkehs!!!!!!
beeeeeeautiful flowers!

(i LIKE gratuitous photoposts, me! gratuitous photoposts, they speak happily to me!) (& lend themselves nicely to lazy, list-style comments!) :)