Sunday, 3 February 2008

And the winner is...

At 6:00pm this evening, an independent adjudicator (the NBM) picked a name out of a bowl of names, to determine where little Waldorf would be heading off to.

This picture brought to you by curl-cam

It was a fair and impartial drawing (I made her shut her eyes), and after she'd had a bit of a rummage, the hastily-scribbled name that she picked out was....


So, hooray for Lucy! Lucy, if you could email me your postal address to then I'll get Waldorf packaged up and sent out to you as soon as I can :o)

Thanks so much to everyone else who left a comment - I really appreciated all your 100th post good wishes, and I was delighted that so many of you were willing to give Waldorf a good home. I'm just sorry you couldn't all win... I suppose I'll just have to have another blog giveaway soon.

Happy end-of-weekend to all, VCxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...


I've just startled the entire family by leaping off my chair, clapping my hands in the air and yelling HOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY at the top of my voice!

He's coming here, he's coming here, he's coming here!!!!!!

I've loved your little Martian Monkeys since I first spotted Smashie on MM's blog and now I'm going to have one of my very own!

How excited am I?????

Daisy has just asked if she can have him............

Do you think "NO!!! HE'S MINE!!!!"
was clear enough?

Thank you five thousand million hundred as Fred would say!

Lucy xxx

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Well done Lucy!!!

Kitty said...

*Tuts loudly* ... ok, how much did she give you? She had her eye on Waldorf from the beginning didn't she? Pah!

Only joking Mrs Locket - congratulations on your win - looks like my lucky streak just ended :-p

Lovely giveaway VC - take care. x

Maxine said...

Well done Lucy Locket how lucky are you! It looks like he's going to be very much loved !!! : )

Anonymous said...

Well done, Lucy Locket!

I am sad.. crying;-) Couldn't you write a pattern and sell it? Pleeeeease...

Patti said...

Weeeellll. Little monkey - if you just kinda turn left before you hit the traffic lights, that's it, just after the pub, and then keep going past the junior school, find number 4, that'll do nicely.

No, it's not quite the Locket house. But it's my house and you'd be quite at home. Just pretend.

ps well done lucy.

Monkee Maker said...

Many congrats to Lucy, and commiserations to the rest of us Waldorf-less types :(

It's really the others I feel sorry for .... at least I have Smashie to fall back on .... (not literally - he's only tiny, and even I wouldn't do that ....)


Patti said...

I saw this and thought of you

pattern for a crocheted axe here -

You know someone had to have done it!

trashalou said...

Oh bugger. I had kind of hoped that little Martian Monkee was going to be walking his way up the hill.

Never mind I shall keep checking back in case of another giveaway that might possibly have been mentioned in this post!

BTW Missus Locket? Congratulations.

Lesley said...

Congratulations Mrs Locket!!!!!!

So glad you won Waldorf. Even if I didn't win him at least my virtual real imaginary adopted sister did :)

Great curls NBM!!!

Lesley xx

lauren said...

hearty congratulations to ms. locket-pocket...if that *IS* her real name...?!!

of course, the use of a pseudonym would not NECESSARILY mean she is a spy from rowan yarns trying to get her hands on the coveted smash-martian-monkeh to offer in their exclusive and expensive spring pattern line.

...BUT...if you did decide to take the entirely reasonable precaution of sending waldorf jersey IS a nice long way away! :)

(cue evil american laughter, as essayed by kevin spacey in the movie "seven")

ok, ok, just kidding! congrats miss lucy!!!

(pss: but JUST IN *could* start selling that pattern yourself RIGHT NOW and thus cut rowan completely out of the loop!!! coincidentally, if you were to start doing that before early april, those of us travel-knitters going on vacation then would have the outstandingly hilarious opportunity when asked what we are working on to tell our snooty brother-in-law that it's a miniature smash-martian monkeh destined for greatness in hilarious photostories in crafty blogland!!! ...i'm just sayin'...)

(cue *WHOLESOME* american laughter as essayed by meg ryan in...ummmmmm...well, everything really!)

Queen of the froggers said...

Well done Lucy!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations, Lucy! (And darn!)