Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My inner geek speaks

You have to accept the fact that you are either a) working too hard or b) a big geek when the highlights of your week include the following:

1) Receiving a fridge magnet in the post from a teabag manufacturer

Tea, Monkey, and a magnetic shed: what's not to love?

2) Discovering a fab use for a spare hunk of railway line:

My new doorstop

(Please don't ask how I came by said hunk of railway line. Suffice to say it was legal, and involved negotiation with an official rail-works employee. But I really don't want to start telling you about the re-laying of the railway line that runs past my flat. Or how it's taking place over one solid 100-hour shift, day and night. Because it wasn't too bad to start with. But today they have been angle-grinding track pieces (noisy), and dragging them along the line (ear-piercingly squealy), and using a sleeper-laying device complete with extra-loud horn for the announcement of its every move (noisy and squealy and irritating). So I'm not got going to tell you about any of that. Because I might cry. Instead I will concentrate on stuffing cotton wool in my ears and looking forward to sleeping at the weekend.)

And those really are the best bits of the week so far. I know what you're thinking: my life is sooooo exciting, right? Uh-huh. You betcha. Please don't be too envious :o)


trashalou said...

Hang on. You got post that wasn't a bill and that incorporated monlys, magnets and sheds?

Pah! With luck like that on your side those railway boys stand no chance!!

Monkee Maker said...

But why?? Why did the manufacturer of that particular brand of tea send you that fabulous magnet? And why didn't they send me one??

Could it be because you're their BEST EVER customer??

And could I use any more question marks in this comment? I think I can. What do you think??

And those pesky rail workers were probably massively relieved that you didn't demand compensation in the form of cold hard cash. And even more relieved that you got rid of some of the track for them .... albeit a teeny tiny piece.


Anonymous said...

I have a door stop that is really a giant rock, painted to look like a curled up black and white cat (I have one of those too, a real one...) Wanna use it on the railway workers??? Oh, no, I suppose that's not allowed? OK, poison their tea then! Fran

EmmaK said...

If the magnet and the bit of railway was free then I'm excited for you. I love anything free however useless!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That magnet is just perfection personified! Monkeys, tea and sheds!

And surely that fab new doorstop is worth all the trauma of the railway works? Isn't it????

Lucy x

lauren said...

it occurs to me that, as well as a doorstop, that big ole hunk o' former railwayishness would make quite an effective bludgeon! not that anyone as nice as *US* would consider for one moment bludgeoning irritatingly long-term-ly noisy railway-removers. but IF anyone mean like that happened to turn up and be unable to resist such an urge, it's convenient that you have the correct tool for the job. well done, vc!

(notice how i have not mentioned the amazingly awesome monkeh/shed magnet, possibly b/c my tiny brain is incapable of processing this level of envy whilst simultaneously typing!) (but it's THERE, don't worry!) (the envy, i mean!) (well, and the magnet, as well; since, as MM pointed out, you are absolutely, by anyone's standards, the world's best PG customer and may perhaps expect, at a later date, to receive an ACTUAL shed complete with *genuine* monkeh to betoken your elevated status in that august company's eyes!) :)

Kitty said...

Nice magnet. Even nicer doorstop - I am rather taken with that lovely hunk of wood ... *OMG just realised that someone with a far muckier mind than me might make something smutty out of that statement ... thank goodness there is nobody like that around here*.

Personally, I like your geekiness. x

Katy said...

I'm not talking to you...your life is just far too exciting ;)

Claire P said...

speaking of geekyness, I knew that was a piece of railway line before I read it...I think I need to go and do something less geeky than reading all of these lovely craft blogs!

Lesley said...

I can't believe I've been away for so long and have missed out on all the fun you've been having!!

Great magnet - you deserve it after buying all that tea!!

Great chunk of wood - I could use that in my garden if you ever find you've stubbed your toe on it too many times :)

Boo hiss railway workings - I know what you're going through as I used to live right next to the London mainline from Essex - they always started work at 4am!!!!