Monday, 10 March 2008

Exciting packages and monkey mania

At the weekend I received a fantastic parcel of vicious-chicken-themed goodness from Working Mom Knits...

In case you can't see (apologies for the dodgy camera-work), there was a wind-up chicken... which lays eggs as it wanders along! And there was also a bag of spare 'eggs', and a box of little marshmallow chicken-ettes, some of which might have come to a bit of a sticky end already (they were very tasty).

So, thanks so much WMK!! I really enjoyed my chickeny parcel - you're very kind :o) I promise to send you a little something in return soon. And yes, I know I've been saying that for weeks now... sorry. The Post Office is definitely on my agenda for this week though. Probably. Possibly.

Moving swiftly on, another exciting thing popped through my doorbox today - double-sided monkey coasters! Hurrah!

Did I mention how much I love that monkey? And his tea? Oh, I did? OK, then :o)

And just while we're on the subject of that monkey, if you happen to like him as much as I do*, then you might like to look at this site, which is very entertaining and contains some hugely exciting news - described more fully in this press release. And if that wasn't enough for you, there's also this:

... although I'm a bit distressed by the fact that his voice appears to have changed.

However, on a final, cheerier note, I've just discovered these - and I really think I might need a pair....

*This may not actually be possible, because I will so fight you for the role of biggest fan... but I'm willing to let you like him nearly as much as I do ;o)


Kitty said...

Having been on the receiving end of a WMK parcel myself, I know what a good parcel that woman packs. Loving the chicken. No.2 got a wind-up penguin for Christmas ... it poops little chocolate balls. He loves it. I've tried to throw it away 'by accident' a couple of times now and he always finds the blinkin' thing. *sigh*

That Monkey film looks rather fabulous doesn't it? :-D


Lesley said...

What a fabulous abundance of chicken and monkey goodness!!!

I can't believe there's a PGTips monkey shop! You really must get those slippers - especially if you plan to wear them with your ball gown as the ad suggests :)


Random Reflections said...

I love the monkey slippers. Where did the coasters come from, they're great!

I can't decide if the monkey's voice has changed. I've seen that advert on TV and didn't think it had but parts of that advert certainly sound different. His voice is the guy from Moving Wallpaper, maybe he has got too busy?? (Not that the monkey isn't real you understand...)

Monkee Maker said...

Come on, VC, admit it. You work for PG Tips, don't you? To have all these goodies arrive on an ALMOST WEEKLY basis, you simply must do! All this talk of working with kids is a rouse isn't it? Really you train (knitted) chimps, don't you??

And I'm sorry, but I simply must take exception to the "Britain's favourite knitted chimp" part. I think not. 007 could take that imposter (bring back Ben Miller!) with one knitted hand tied behind his back!

.... ahem .... lovely goodies from WMK, by the way ....


Marie said...

LOL @ the monkee slippers. They are seriously cool.

Lovely parcel from WMK too - isn't it lovely when you get things in the mail that aren't bills?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What marvellous monkey merchandise - how much more can you fit in your home????

Charlie P said...

Monkeh slippers! Excellent :) I love your chickentastic parcel and the doorstop below.

Working Mom Knits said...

Monkey slippers - nice! Need to add those to my wish list.

Glad you like the package - thought you'd have fun with the "eggs" aspect : )

lauren said...

that's WONDERFUL! (the commercial, i mean! and of course the coasters are excellent, as well!) but...yeah...they've changed his voice! that's MOST disconcerting!)