Saturday, 1 March 2008


Last time I posted, I told you that I had jumped on Moogsmum's bandwagon, and been and bought a crafting magazine for the sake of a cow sewing pattern. And I also mentioned how, since buying said pattern, I'd remembered that I can't really sew.

Unfortunately, the seed of cow-making had been sown (no pun intended), but I couldn't really face attempting the sewn moo just at the moment... so, I set about looking for a cow knitting pattern instead, because my skills of knit are slightly more developed than my skills of stitch.

And that is how I came to find myself buying this:

It's a Simply Knitting special (snazzily known as a 'bookazine', I think, because of its book / magazine hybrid qualities). I don't like everything in it, but I love these tiny cows:

They're part of a whole farmyard set, which are all quite nice - but it's really the cows that did it for me the most.

While I was taking pics, I thought I'd share with you some of the other designs, too. Firstly, for anyone who's participating in Lucy Locket's Bunny Hop Bunny Swap: if you happen to be stuck for a pattern, why not whip up one of these "Bunny Babes and Beach Boys"?

Because what every bunny really needs is a knitted bikini, right?

Or if you're feeling more risqué, you could even opt for one that's halfway out of her bikini:

I'm not quite convinced, myself... but the basic bunny is nice, so maybe I will adapt it to make a naked version one day.

Moving on, there's also a full knitted Noah's Ark:

I have neither the need nor the patience to make the whole set, but I am rather fond of this fella...

... so I might give him a try at some point.

There's also these gnitted gnomes which I've seen made by quite a lot of blogging folk in the past, and always quite liked:

It's the beard that appeals to me, I think - because you all know how strongly I feel about the perfect partnership of beard and knit.

And the last picture I have is of this hedgehog all ready for hibernation:

He's cute, but I doubt I'll be making him any time soon as I have no use for him (whereas, clearly, knitted monkeys and cows are my very lifeblood....)

So anyway. Apologies for the picture-heavy post, and award yourself extra points if you'd made it this far. I'm off to try and finish my current WiP so that the needles can be freed up for a cow (so excited!)

Happy weekend :o) VCxx

Updated to add: People seem quite keen on the pattern book, and I had trouble tracking it down initially, so I thought I'd just add that it can be bought online here. In the UK, it is also available from WHSmith, although I had to contact several branches before I found one that hadn't sold out! And I think it might be available in various other countries through 'real shops' if you're looking for a copy and don't want to (or can't) buy online.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh my golly gosh! I need that bookazine and I need it right now! Those designs are scrumdidliumptious!

Can't stop - off to browse Amazon and if I don't find it there I will be pestering you for info!!!

Lucy x

Kitty said...

I want that bookazine! I saw one of those gnomes on tintocktap's blog - she kindly told me where she got the pattern. I have searched high and low. WHERE DID YOU GET IT? Please? Pretty please?

I promise* to stop writing blogs which make you well up if you tell me.

:-) x


Lesley said...

OH MY WORD VC!!!!! They are all lovely but I really love those cows.........and those chickens....and those pigs...and those bunnies......and.....and..........

got to go and get one right now no time to punctuate byeeeeeeeeeee

Kitty said...

Come here VC - I'm going to snog you: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :-D

I just ordered a copy and have got the confirmation email. Woooohoooo - there will be a bearded gnome at some point in the next ... ooooh, year?

:-D x

Lesley said...

Oh heavens - I'm back too having just ordered a copy.

Just look what YOU'VE started!!

If there's a bandwagon I'm on it - ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Queen of the froggers said...

They are great, not the bunnies though!! I like the chickens.

Monkee Maker said...

Oh great! Like I didn't have enough trouble tracking down the magazine that MM featured, now I have to track this one down too - thanks VC!! Actually, I have a couple of those Simply Knittings .... I quite fancied having a go at the little house part of the Ark.

.... that's if I ever pick up any knitting needles EVER AGAIN ....


Good luck with your cow though, and as I said to MM, if you make one you'll just have to get Moo cards made featuring it - how cool would that be?

Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing with us all out here the quest is on can I find it in Australia.

The Knitting Frog said...

'WHSmith' is where it's at and I will be looking forward to seeing your knitted items! (I got mine 2 days ago, so now off to sell the magazines on E-Bay. No Shaun the sheep though, and no snow-men...)

Keep up the good work!!

Adeline , who virtually knits through Monkeemaker's blog ;)

trashalou said...

This is just getting silly now! I hand that in my hands to buy on Friday but thought it may turn up here Mothering Sunday morning. As it hasn't Smiths was my first port of call tomorrow morning after dropping and collecting at shool.

You have to stop copying me!!!

Working Mom Knits said...

FANTASTIC! I have got to find that mag!!!

ps: mailed your package Friday : )

Patti said...

Oh Maaaan. I am not buying magazines at teh moment and I managed to get away with gently fondling "Simply Knitting" last week in the shop and then walking away. But you are tempting me toooooooo much.

Good find chicken girl.

Monkee Maker said...

Dear NBM,

See, we really should take a tool box with us whenever we venture to Ikea. We have been known to leave the Bargain Basement Department with a floor to ceiling unit .... and a Peugot 106 to transport it home in. And nothing to tie the boot down with. I kid you not. I know what you mean about on-lookers too. Especially that night. I think a betting book may have even been started.

Thanks for the brilliant links. Your linkage skills amaze and astound me ..... PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU POST A LINK IN A COMMENT BOX ..... PLEASE!!!

Apologies, this maybe should have been an email, in hindsight.

Actually, I'm sure there was something else ..... ah well, it'll come to me as soon as I sign off ....


ps. Maybe it won't ....

lauren said...

ok, i now want to do NOTHING but make long lists of small and adorable animals to knit...and then plan vacations around the knitting of them (b/c, as you know, i am a TRAVEL KNITTER!!!)

i am especially keen on the small sheeps in the farmyard. they have sort of shaun-the-sheep-style faces.

it's a pity i've recently taken the "no advice" pledge or i'd have a tip or two for that knitted bunny on the subject of string bikinis flattering the thigh area...or NOT... :)

Katy said...

I wish I could knit, I really really want an elephant (boo hoo boo hoo, wail wail)

Not fair.

Charlie P said...

Those cows were the reason I started buying Simply Knitting in the first place (that and somebody from SK came to our student knitting group and took a picture of my clanger so I kept buying it to see if the clanger would appear!). Alan Dart is an amaaaazing toy designer. I'd love his shawn the sheep mobile pattern too- is that in your bookazine?

Alison Boon said...

Why did I ever leave the UK. I have to have that magazine, I want to knit everything, even the bunny halfway out of a bikini. I don't care that I have no need of one. I just want one.
Thanks for the online link.