Monday, 17 March 2008

Time to myself

The NBM has gone away for the week, so I have time to myself. Which is kind of turning into time on my hands, unfortunately.... somehow it's not been as great having the flat to myself as I had hoped it might be.

However, my kind friend Monkee Maker took pity on me being a Billy No Mates, and yesterday she let me hang out at her place for a while, which was just lovely. By which I mean that being there was lovely - but she has a very beautiful home, too. It was almost - almost - enough to make me want to tidy up my tip of a flat when I got home.... but, sadly, laziness prevailed. Kitty, I think I may have fallen foul of that Lazy Slut Disorder you so often mention. It's a terrible affliction, isn't it? Do you know if there's a cure?

But anyway, I'm rambling... suffice to say that I had a grand time at the monkee house, chatting and knitting in good company. And MM, it was really great to meet you, and RGH, and the RBDs. And 007, obviously :o)

On a completely unrelated note, I've just had a little trawl through my old photos to see if I could find something appropriate to end this post with, and I couldn't... so I thought I'd post something irrelevant instead. Specifically, Glastonbury Tor:

Just to remind me that the sky is sometimes blue - which I find lifts the spirits a little when you're confronted with grey rainclouds, and there's a chilly wind blowing.

But gosh now, it's getting late and I have knitting to do. Over and out for today,


Monkee Maker said...

Oh VC, you're really much too kind. I'd been slaving over a hot hoover and duster before you got here. Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... obviously I mean RGH had ....

Feel free to call upon my patented "instant Billy loadsa mates" services whenever you're in need, and I think the NBM may be onto something, with the whole knitting party idea .... sounds fab! (especially if the guests bring cakes with them, as you did yesterday)

I hope your week flies by and that the NBM will be back where she belongs soon.


Kitty said...

Firstly - I am sooo jealous that you have met the legendary 007. And MM, and RGH and the RBDs.

Secondly, that is a very beautiful picture of Glastonbury Tor - never been, must go one day.

Thirdly, I am soooo sorry if you have caught the LSD from me. It's a terrible affliction and I'm afraid once contracted there is no known cure. There are treatments of course - crafting, being with friends, blogging, etc. These all help alleviate the more harsh symptoms (inability to do housework, shopping, exercise, etc.)

Fourthly, I'm sorry you're missing the NBM and hope she is back with you very very soon.

Take care. x

PS. I appear to have hogged your comments space. Sorry *blush*

Lesley said...

Hey VC,

As you know I'm in the same boat as you this week and I thought I'd get a lot more done this week than I have.

The LSD has flared up big time - starting with not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings!

If I was a good little wifelet I'd be whizzing round sprucing the place up for Moogsdad's return but I can't be a**sed - besides he'd only think he'd got the wrong house if I did!!!

Not long now and I hope you enjoy your 'You time' before NBM's safe return :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm so envious of you meeting MM and MM meeting YOU! Snot fair! Knitting , bloggy friends and cake - perfect combo (and mad monkees too!) Hope your week is going well and the NBM gets back soon! Lucy x

trashalou said...

No NBM? Has she legged it after waking up to find those monkee slippers staring just inches from her face? They are perhaps a little eerie.... maybe if you promise they will live under lock and key when not on your feet that will induce a speedy return???

Just a thought

lauren said...

oh poor VC! to be left (temporarily) on your own in a sea of NBM-less-ness! lucky thing the good folks at monkee towers are so hospitable! (hope you got 007's autograph...he's a huge star, you know!) :)

Katy said...

VC, you are welcome to come to my house whenever you're at a lose end...but I think Yorkshire's a bit of a trek from your neck of the woods.

MarmaladeKiss said...

Gosh! what a beautiful picture of the tor. That is one of my very favourite places.