Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Birthday NBM!

Today is the NBM's birthday (it seems to be a good day for birthdays in blogland), and I thought I'd post a quick Happy Birthday for her here, while she's on the phone to her Mum (a notoriously lengthy activity).

So, Happy Birthday NBM!! Have a lovely day :o)

Can you guess what I gave her for her birthday?

She's finally come round to my monkey way of thinking :o)

And to everyone else: Happy Easter! Hope you all have lovely days, too. And just before I go, here's my other chickeney gift that I promised to show-and-tell, which I saved for today's post because of its Eastery theme:

The perfect Easter egg for a vicious chicken - thanks so much, Monkee Maker :o)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Birthday NBM!!!! Can't wait to see who is hiding in that wrapping paper! And loving the chocolate chicken!!!!!

Happy Easter!

Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Happy Birthday NBM! Obviously all the best people were born today.

.... well .... not ALL the best people, otherwise it would be VC's and my birthday too .... but certainly some of the best people.

Hope you both have a smashing day, and I too look forward to seeing the big reveal of that beautifully wrapped gift!


ps. I'm massively impressed, VC, that you managed to save the egg .... hmm, but hang on just a cotton picking minute .... that pic could have been taken DAYS ago!

pps. Which came first .... the chicken or the egg .... or the chicken egg??

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday NBM and so glad you're home safe and sound!

I just love your posh gift wrapping VC ;) Can't wait to see who's hiding in there!

That chocky chicken looks too good to eat.......hang on, of course it doesn't....head first?

Have a great day :)


Kitty said...

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes to NBM! Hope you both have a fantastic day.

Charlie Chicken is rather fabulous isn't he? Wonder how long he'll last?

Hmmm, what could be in that gorgeous gift? My bet is that it has two arms, two legs, a head and a body. Further than that, I'm not willing to go. Can't wait to see though.

Have a brilliant Easter Day. Take care. x

trashalou said...

Why do they all keep saying 'who' is inside that paper? What do they know that is not obvious to the rest of us??!?!?!?

Normally I would wish you a day filled with chocolate, cake and lovely things but as we are feeling a bit over-cholicated here may we just wish a you day of happiness and sparkle.

Happy Birthday NBM from all at Trash Towers.

lauren said...

happy birthdaaaaaaay to you!
happy birthday to yoooooooooou!
happy birthday baking monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
happy birthday tooooooooooooo YOU!

(ps: my guess on the gift is that it's a very VERY expensive pair of a diabolically clever disguise!) :)

(OOF! but i should probably have waited until tomorrow to say that, so as not to spoil the surprise for NB/BM! rats! sorry 'bout that!)

PS: a very happy easter to most of your household from most of OUR household! (tipsy informs me that he and delaware don't celbrate easter; but apparently he's hosting quite an elaborate seder next month!)

Charlie P said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NBM! I hope she likes her mystery gift- is it a bottle of wine? chocolates? a pony?

I like charlie chicken too :D

Melissa J. Lee said...

Happy Birthday NBM!!! (Brilliant packaging on your part, VC, may I say.) I hope you enjoyed your day.