Thursday, 20 March 2008

More fabulous chickeney giftage

You may remember that Working Mom Knits sent me some chicken-themed goodies last week, which were super. Well, the chickeney gifts just keep coming! Bloggers are so very kind.

I recently bought a beautiful bag from Moogsmum's etsy shop:

Well, actually I bought two, but let's not tell my bank manager that, shall we? Anyway, when the bag above arrived yesterday, I found that the lovely Lesley had sent it along under armed guard: it was protected on the journey by a brilliantly vicious chicken!!

He comes complete with tough-guy 'tattoos' on both wings, and a rather scary-looking gun:

Hmm. I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley, would you??

As soon as he got here, he rounded up the Monkey Army and set to work trying to teach the troops some properly vicious tips and tricks.....

.... which they listened to very politely, but I don't think their little wooly hearts were in it, to be honest. As armies go, they're quite soft, bless them.

In fact, they were rather shocked, and concluded that Little VC had some serious anger-management issues. Being kindly souls, they wanted to help him address his problems, and they suggested that a soothing cup of (knitted) tea might be just the ticket to help Little VC relax a little......

... but he was less than convinced, and stormed off....

..... to think vicious thoughts and do vicious deeds. *Gulp*.

So, thanks ever so much for the kind gift, Lesley.... but do you have any hints for keeping him in line?? Because I'm typing this from the safety of the back room, where the Monkey Army and I have barricaded ourselves. Little VC is wreaking havoc in the rest of the flat, and the NBM won't be back to rescue us until tomorrow. We're quite scared.

On a lighter note, do tune in again, as my next post will contain details of yet more chicken gifts! Provided, of course, that the Monkeys' barricade holds firm, and we don't get overcome by Little VC. Which is doubtful, come to think of it, as they built it from teabags.....

Somebody please send help. Soon.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Little VC is absolutely fab isn't he? I did think he might be a bit of a handful though. Let's hope Lesley has some suitable avian advice.

Lesley said...

Now why do you think I sent him to you?

I thought you'd be more clued up to all things vicious and chickeny.

Don't tell him I told you so but it's not a real gun...also the havoc that he's wreaking may be to do with the fact that I forgot to include his chicken feed.

A little sprinkling of grains/muesli/weetabix/breadcrumbs will have him eating out of your hand.

I'm not so sure teabags could protect you from a sustained attack - best try pacifying him with a tasty snack.

Also I have a feeling his cluck is worse than his peck (bark/bite -geddit?) so don't stand any nonsense.

After all he's actually chicken!!!

Happy Easter VC - hope NBM gets back safe and sound and isn't too disturbed by the new addition to the household!

love Lesley xxxx

trashalou said...

Lots of chickeny goodness going on up there in Brizzle V.C. Fingers crossed the teabag wall holds out!

lauren said...

his CLUCK is worse than his PECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that lesley not only makes a FAB-looking bag... (it's GORGEOUS) ...and an AWESOME little VC...but she's hilarious, too! (wow!)

lucky big VC!!! :)

(ps: even if they don't actually *work* as a barricade, the monkeh armeh's hijinks have certainly put a dent in the teabag abundance, eh? assuming you survive, you will surely be pleased about that!)

Kitty said...

:-O That chicken looks ... *gulp* ... 'hard' doesn't he? The leopard skin is a particularly lovely touch, I feel.

Hope you manage to survive him - give him a bit of corn maybe? Works on the hens who live next door.

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. Take care. x

Gina said...

I've popped by from Lesley's and have so enjoyed reading your blog. The vicious chicken antics made me laugh! Hope he doesn't prove too difficult for you!
Have a lovely weeknd.
Gina x

Stine said...

Listen Mrs - just threaten the little VC with a hot pot of water and plucking! That should get his attention and let him know who the heck is boss!

Working Mom Knits said...


ps: sometime I'll have to blog about my sisters and I being trapped (for REAL) in an apartment bedroom while a completely vicious "pet" bird stalked his prey - us! (Oh, to be 23 again!)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yeah! Lil' VC has really got it going on ..... he's fab!

.... if you need me to send re-inforcements, just let me know ....


Anice said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog and I had to's fab! Thanks for the laugh..I'll definitely be back!
Anice xx