Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Vicious Magpie

Some of you may remember that I have a fondness for shiny, shiny things. Some may also remember, however, that my two best shiny, shiny things got reappropriated by various knitted monkeys.

This weekend I succumbed (again) to the lure of the shiny, shiny thing:

This one I didn't have to run quite so far for - just 10k - but it's still lovely and shiny. I plan to keep it well out of the monkeys' reach this time :o)

In other news, the pictures in this post are brought to you by MY NEW CAMERA! Which, in fact, is the same camera that was used to take all the other pics on my entire blog... but the thing is, the NBM has upgraded to a new camera, and so I've inherited her old Canon Ixus - my first digital camera :o)

And in other other news: is anyone else excited about this....?

... because I am! Bit geeky, I know - but I'm not sorry! ;o)


PS. Sewing is progressing, but nothing to show-and-tell as yet. Watch this space.


Marie said...

Harrison Ford running around looking dusty and sweaty?? What's not to get excited about? I can't wait for it to be released. I guess that makes me as geeky as you ;)

Oooooo... shiny :)


Random Reflections said...

So it was "just 10k" - of course some of us run that every day before breakfast, but others would probably die after aboitu the first k. Rather you than me!

Kitty said...

Oooh which IXUS do you have? I have the 70 and I love it. Gosh, bit of a geeky comment there, so I'll bring it down to my usual level now and say I too am looking forward dto Indiana Jones ... because I quite fancy Harrison Ford :-D


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Of course I'm excited about the new Indiana Jones - it's Mr Locket of course!

Okay, so maybe being an archaeologist doesn't really make him Harrison Ford but it still makes us all laugh at the thought!

Lucy x

Lesley said...

Well done you on running 10K!!

Sausage Monster is getting very excited about the new Indiana Jones! Unfortunately he's also totally brainwashed by all the Indiana merchandising!!


Karen Lizzie said...

I'd jut like to say a big thank you to you for running for Muscular Dystrophy. Funding is urgently needed to help with research into these hereditary conditions. My husband suffers from one of the many typed of muscular dystrophy as a result of which both of my daughters are carriers (but happily not sufferers) any money raised to help prevent the condition for their children would be a great boost for families like ours. Thank you so much.

Gina said...

Well done you... it's never "just" 10k (I've done it and I know!)
Not only have I been known to run I guess I'm a bit geeky too... can't wait to see Indiana Jones (okay - Harrison Ford in just about any movie)

silverpebble said...

Harrison Ford in anything is marvellous- His best line in any film, ever - 'MY hands are dirty - what are you afraid of?'. Me? A Star Wars nerd? Well, yes actually.

Well done on completing the half marathon - brilliant achievement. I did a 5k on Hampstead Heath once and my eye swelled up! Clearly a physiological protest. I'm in awe of anyone who runs any distance whatsoever.

lauren said...

oof m'metric's a bit rusty: is 10k equal to 20 miles or 5??!

...well...either way...it's QUITE a run! on the other hand...that is *quite* a shiny shiny thing! CONGRATS to ya!

(as to keeping it away from the monkehs...let's just say...i'm not sanguine...) :)