Wednesday, 12 September 2007


This is how I imagine the Monkey Army must have looked bringing the shiny thing to The Armless One (or 'Oh Great Leader', as I think they've taken to calling him):

Step 1: Fetching and carrying

"Well don't just stand there - help me put it on."

Step 2: Manoeuvring

"Mind my face. And hurry up."

Step 3: Profound thanks

"I have no further use for you. Please go away now."

Re-enacter's note: these activities are likely to have taken place under cover of darkness originally.

Less photogenic

(Yes, this is all very silly. I blame Monkee Maker for encouraging me.)

Tomorrow: no more ridiculousness with monkeys or shiny things. Honest.


Monkee Maker said...

No. Please stop this immediately. You're too funny. I'm not liking it at all. I may have to stop visiting.

'Mind my face'. I just love that.

Of course, you realise you're playing right into trashalou's hands .... now she'll definitely believe that The Great Leader is related to that cat .... who's name I can't spell.

My Paper World said...

I blame monkee maker aswell! Everywhere I go, there's monkey madness!!! (but I love it! I need something to cheer me up when I get in from work!) so more mad monkey posts are fine with me!

trashalou said...

Well, just don't blame me when you are all monkeefied in your own homes.

P.S. My husband has just suggested that as the monkee worshippers did it in the dark they must all have infrared vision (QED). P.G.they never meet up and mutate further with Monkee Maker's army.

lauren said...

on behalf of myself and the monkey army i'd like to request MORE:

1. more ridiculousness
2. more shiny things (shiny things GOOOOOOD, apparently)
3. more monkeys (the army would like some FEMALE monkees, but i will leave that to your discretion)

thank you! :)