Wednesday, 5 December 2007

OK, who told them??

I keep getting dirty looks.

And now they've taken Delaware hostage.

Apparently I will get him back "when my sense of humour improves considerably"....

.... but I'm hoping I can just bribe them with the many boxes of teabags I still have cluttering up the kitchen.

Negotiations continue.


Monkee Maker said...

It wasn't me, honest.

And those dirty looks are the cutest I think I've ever seen.


Patti said...

Aww. Just look at those leeeetle faces. So cute. Who could harm them? Not you surely?

Fran said...

It's monkee magic intuition....They Just Know there's something careful!

Lesley said...

I'm sure Delaware will manage to escape their clutches. He looks like a Monkee who can handle himself. If not the teabags are a good plan :)

trashalou said...

Suggest arbitration (stop)

Failing that U.N. can be contacted on 00 1 0500 4560976668 (stop)

Willing to act as spokesperson for your party in this issue (stop)

Strongly recommend preventing input from Monkee Maker - definite bad news that one(stop)

Kae said...

You crack me up lol :D Thanks, I needed that :D

As for the negotiations... maybe if you point out you were merely rising awareness to the cruelty little monkeys made of knit are subjected to elsewhere...? - Or the teabags... they should work :D


P.S. Word verif mwbqhxv... is that in reference to the weather??? Lol

Working Mom Knits said...

Wonderful post! (Oh, those sweet little faces...)

ps: my mommy-radar tells me that you may have deserved this punishment...

Stine said...

Tea? Are you barking? - what good will tea do? The only bribe that really works is chocolate!!

Those cute little faces make me think of the cat in the Shrek movie when he opens his eyes REAL BIG and looks all sweet kitty like then "WATCH OUT".

Keep you eyes peeled for monkee mischief!

lauren said...

well i sympathize, certainly...with both you AND the small ones! (well heck, if they were watching "seven" over and over and giggling hysterically how would WE feel??!)

i've had to tell tipsy t'internet is broken and sneak out to my desk during top gear, but i think he's on to me. i might need a teabag or two myself...if only i knew someone who has a few extra... ;)

Lesley said...

Hi VC - re: the top I was wearing - it's Sainsbury's- got it yesterday for half price £10 - thought you might like to know!!
Darn it - should have said it's Jigsaw or Jasper Conran - doh!