Sunday, 9 December 2007


I know I have been very quiet on the blogging front recently. I didn't mean to be - it just happened.

Anyhoo, I'm here today to tell you that I have nothing to say - but I'm going to say it anyway :o)

Erm... actually there are a few bits and pieces. Firstly, I had a lot of fun last night with some friends who told me about this website. You upload a picture of yourself, and using facial recgonition thingammyjobs, it tells you which celebrities you look most like. Which doesn't sound that entertaining, but somehow it was hilarious. Possibly becasue it was, of course, wildly innacurate.

I was told that I look most like Jennifer Connolly, Mischa Barton, or Hayden Panetierre - all of which is utter rubbish.


We then learned that NBM most resembles Hillary Clinton, Shirley Temple, or (my personal fave) Haley Joel Osment. It was at that point that we really began to doubt the highly sophisticated software used by the website ;o)

Do let me know if you give it a whirl yourself, and what the results are - plausible or otherwise :o)

Just before I go, I wanted to show you a photo I have been working on for my Christmas cards (possibly left it a little late for making these - oops). I ripped the idea shamelessly from an advert I saw in a newspaper, but I hope it will be OK given that I am just making a few cards to send to friends, not to sell or anysuchlike.


I may try to turn it into a card tomorrow - but I'm not very gifted that way, so it will probably just be the photo printed onto the front of a piece of plain card :o) I'll let you know if I get any more adventurous...


Lesley said...

Ooh, you're gorgeous aren't you! I'd probably look like Alice Cooper or Dame Edna!!
I love your sprout tree and can't wait to see the cards you make.

Monkee Maker said...

Hey! I think I may have seen you at the Mall recently, and was tempted to go up and ask for your autograph!

Actually, VC, that website is really quite accurate. I came out looking like a cross between Shrek/Eddi Reader*/Jeremy Clarkson - amazing!! I'm the split of at least one of those celebs!

Your card looks smashing - and so healthy (as long as you ate the sprouts after the photo shoot :)

ps. Haley Joel Osment .... bless!

* she of Fairground Attraction fame

trashalou said...

Eddie Reader? I would happily sing like her!

Loving the tree card.

Will trace back to that site and see exactly how CK comes out. I'm betting it's a mix of George, Brad and Ben Affleck.

(sorry, that noise was me falling off the couch I was laughing so hard.)

Karen said...

I apparently look like a very pretty asian lady with almond eyes and an attractive but quite prominent nose. As I tend towards rather piggy eyes and a nose thatlooks like I chose it from a button tin, I am less than convinced. As for looking like Richard Gere...

Two Crofters said...

lovin your sprout work
t x

lauren said...

well, i s'pose if MM is making awesome 007 xmas cards and you are (if i may use the vernacular for a moment, like the swinging young hepcat i am?!) rockin' the sprouts (oh yeah, i am coooool!) then clearly it's time for me to move along to knitting aardvarks or isosceles triangles or something! :)

but seriously, that is is GREAT photo and will make an *amazin'* card!!! (may i suggest printing the photos on photo paper--8 or 10 to a sheet--and then cutting them apart & affixin' 'em to a folded card? maybe even a *red* card?? this is actually only a teeny bit more work but will look as if you spent hours and no one will guess...unless they read this...which, me being so LATE as usual, they won't! ;) see, i am always being thoughtful & helpful like that and not a lazy/disorganized mess who can't even blog comment in a timely manner as some might suggest!)

(ps: ta for the pics! you are a bit shorter and more multi-headed than i had imagined!) :)