Saturday, 1 December 2007

Slings and roundabouts

.... Actually, no roundabouts. And only one sling.

To elaborate: today has been one of those days when nothing pans out quite as you expect. We were woken up by NBM's brother phoning to ask of the whereabouts of the nearest hospital with an A&E, because NBM's dad had slipped down some stairs and dislocated his shoulder. Ouch.

So, we rushed round and spent about four hours with them at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, after which NBM's dad was let out, complete with a newly-relocated shoulder, some heavy-duty painkillers, and a sexy sling - to stop his arm from falling off, presumably. I think that's what they're for?

NBM has now gone on a mercy-mission to drive him back home to Lancashire, as he is obviously not able to drive himself anywhere for a while. I'm holding the fort here in Bristol.

Annoyingly, I'm still feeling quite ill, but I'm trying very hard not to whinge, as I'm thankful that my shoulders have both remained safely housed in their rightful sockets all day. My mantra to repeat: not grumpy, not grumpy, not grumpy.... (continue as necessary).

Anyway anyway, having decided that "Hairy Lee wreaks havoc in Ward 7" was probably a photo-story best left to the imagination, I went to the BRI without a monkey on my person. So, I have no interesting photos for you today - sorry about that.

One last thing - thanks so much for the comments you have left to say you hope we feel better soon. NBM is now irritatingly healthy again, and I'm sure I'll be following suit imminently. Also, many thanks to anyone who has made it to the bitter end, and read this far in today's very wordy post.... Pictures next time. I promise.



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Pictures are always good but not ALWAYS necessary!! Hope everyone is well and their limbs stay in their sockets. Lucy x

P.S. I absolutely love the Smashie monkey you made - is he your own pattern or is it one I could get hold of? I couldn't face knitting a large monkey but a Smashie-sized one would be great!

Monkee Maker said...

Don't listen to that Lucy Locket ..... pictures ARE always necessary - especially if they have a monkey in them :)

I can see your point about monkey-photo-taking in the hospital though .... it could be seen as a tad rude. But on the other hand, taking dogs in for the patients to pet is all the rage now, so you know, visits by monkeys made of knit could just catch on.

I'd recommend that you pop Wilmington in your pocket every time you leave home. Just in case.

And I hope that NBM's dad will be out of that sling in no time, even if it is giving him more sex appeal.

Lesley said...

Probably a good thing Hairy Lee stayed at home. You'd have had to cover him in that delightful antibacterial gel just to get him in there. Not sure where the Hospital Infection Czars stand on Monkees made of knit.
Make's you thank heaven's for healthy sockets when you've had to spend hours in A&E.
I'm on the fence about photos - desperate need to be liked means I avoid strong opinions.
Get well soon VC.
love Moogsmum xx

Nia said...

It's so irritating when one's other half makes a quicker recovery, but at least they can then wait on you hand and foot.... Sorry NBM!

lauren said...

can i first say thank you to nia...i have always wondered how to spell "aichywawa"!

OOF poor northern biking dad!!! about the only thing i can think of WORSE than dislocating a shoulder is having it forcibly RE-located (aichywawa doesn't even BEGIN to cover that bit!) altho subsequently having it re-RE-located...via comfortable lancashire by a doting baking/biking daughter seems rather nice. she's a good lass, NBM!

with regard to recovery that seems to be moving along at a pace which makes geological time seem quite nippy in comparison...unfortunately...i can totally relate. at least we are both well enough now to enjoy the internets at intervals... (what did we USED TO DO...does anybody remember??!)

i will again chime in with lucy in regard to smashing smashie patterns...want one...really REALLY want one... PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE?!) :)

...keep gettin' well...

Northern Biking Monkey said...

Thank you everyone for being lovely and wishing my Dad well, and lauren you are so right about him being a biker!! He shall henceforth be known as NBD ;) (Though obviously he will not be riding his bike for a while yet) MM, I DO NOT ever want to think of my Dad in *that* way, though it was funny (in an odd way) to see him trying to chat up the nurses whilst high on morphine!
Trauma over, and Dad safely home and reasonably happy, I am now off to sleep, over and out, NBM xx

trashalou said...

Poor NBM Pop! Hope painkillers last sufficiently long for wracking wrenched shoulder pain to subside.

Glad you are starting to feel a bit better.