Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Three is the magic number

I have made three Christmas cards so far. This is not going to get me very far down my Christmas Card List, given that it has approximately 32 people on it at the moment.

Not enough

So, I am forsaking a full and witty blog post tonight in favour of heading off to do some cutting and sticking. Only another 29 cards to knock out....


Lesley said...

They look great VC! We got ours made (at last) but I now have no time to write them!!!
Off to MM's 'cos I want the fluffy one!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi VC,

Thanks for your monkee shop love :)

Your cards look fabulous!

*head cocked onto shoulder, eyes downcast, hands behind back, right foot pointed and twisting* .... would any .... might there be .... by any chance .... are any of your .... virtual mates on that long list of card recipients??

Oh my god I can't believe the cheek of me .... I was only asking for Lesley, honest!!

(ohgqm - word verification ... oh god quite mad??)

Working Mom Knits said...

Your cards are FANTASTIC! Good job you!

Note to self: Dec 1, 2008 beg, plead, bribe VC to make our family's cards.

trashalou said...

Bugger! Had to scurry from here quickly to check the monkey post - hoped to score a bag but none for the taking so here I am back again. Seriously, lots of cardiovascular thumping in just a few minutes, monkees are always good for a workout!

what I had been going to say was.... feel sure you will finish all those cards in plenty of time because you will have a good wind behind you!

(Was it worth the wait?)

Patti said...

Love love love the cards.

The only way to have brussels sprouts in my opinion- on a card and inedible.

Tracy said...

omigosh i love your cards! and 29 more - you'll have em done in no time!:-)