Friday, 21 December 2007

Reduced Service

Welcome to the blandest of posts, in which VC announces that blogging around here may be a little under par for a wee while. This is because I am at the NBM's parents' house until next Thursday, giving me: A) limited Internet time and B) difficulties in uploading piccies.

So, while I shall continue to post over the festive time, my blog may be operating on a reduced-service basis. But I'm sure nobody will mind as you will all be too busy to read blogs anyway, at a time when you are doing festive things with your nearest and dearest (possibly including, although not limited to, those activities of a trying-not-to-drive-each-other-crazy variety.)

Right, I should now go and help with bed-making duties, and then it's back to the grindstone with Christmas knitting (is it possible to get RSI of the elbow from gift-based knitting endeavours??)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

RS of the elbow is definitely possible - in fact quite likely! Have a lovely Christmas! Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Hmm, you may think that this post is bland, but did you notice that you posted at 21:12 on 21/12?? That's not bland at all!

And that's the kind of thing one notices when one can't sleep (that, and the fact that the original Charlie's Angels looks really old ....)

I hope you and the NBM have a smashing time with her family and a very Merry Christmas.


trashalou said...

Just like MM I am also very taken with the timings of your post. Quiet, elegant, understated. We would expect nothing less from you!

Lesley said...

Merry Christmas - hope you have a fab time!
Thanks very much for our lovely Sprout card that arrived safe and sound this morning. We've had to delay our departure to M-I-L's as Monster is still poorly. Maybe tomorrow if DH can put right the thing he's put wrong on the car today!!!
Due to unexpected sofa time I'm already two thirds of the way up a fluffy turquoise monkee back - risking RSI myself here!!

Working Mom Knits said...

Wishing you, NBM and all extended family members a very Happy Christmas : )

ps: does MM have an eye for detail or what!

lauren said...

being in "reduced service mode*" myself, i have to say that this is the first time since early december i have even vaguely felt like i was able to keep on that score...i am weirdly cheered by an announcement that would otherwisse make me extremely sad! in the meantime, please accept my hopes that you & NB/BM (& family) will have a wonderful christmas!

ps: with regard to the "not driving each other crazy" activities...VC...i had not realized...apparently you HAVE MET my family, then!!! :)

pss: the elbow pain probably IS a little bit of RMI-based tendonitis...and should be respected! take some knitting-breaks and maybe even put an ice pack on it now and then!

*until regular service resumes, please excuse comments which are 30% shorter and 60% less amusing.

Melissa said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!