Monday, 31 December 2007

No more whinging

You can read on in confidence - VC's whinge corner has been retired again. You're safe.

Today I don't have much to say but I thought I'd post a few pictures as I've been feeling deprived of picture-posting capabilities while I've been away.

First up, since I said I would:

A good look, no?

And next, here is my mum's Christmas present from me:


Not the colour-scheme I'd have chosen myself, but it's what my mum wanted - and I think it worked out quite nicely.

Next up, here are some rather sozzled monkey-fans (NBM's uncle and aunt):

And finally, NBM's winning entry in the grand Christmas day colouring competition (please don't ask):

And I think that's quite enough fun for now.... except to say:

Happy New Year to blog friends old and new, and any lurkers too - and best wishes to you all in 2008

from VCxx


Monkee Maker said...

Oh wow .... I'm feeling the need to comment on each and every picture .... (bear with me)....

Much kudos to the NBM ... not one, not two, but THREE (count them!) cracker hats! At once!! .... still not sure I believe that big bonce story tho ....

Georgia looks Gorgeous! Loving her smile :) I hope your Mum was pleased with her (and have you cast on the next one yet?)

It's always good to meet new monkey fans .... and sozzled monkey fans are all the better .... hic ....

And finally .... did she win? Did she win??

Have a super smashing marvellous New Year and all good wishes to you both for 2008


Melissa said...

Georgia is awfully cute, but I think NBM takes the award for most photogenic. (I am wondering however, if I could cut and paste together all of the partial views of NBM that have appeared on the blog to date and come up with a nice composite image. ;) ) Happy New Year to your and yours.

Kae said...

Happy New Year VC and NBM :D


lauren said...

ok, now i have the mental picture of ray charles serenading your mum's monkeh. :) (she's FABULOUS, btw!) (georgia, i mean!) (tho i'm sure your mother is lovely as well!) :)

now THOSE are some biiiiiiiig cracker hats! i might even manage to perch one o' those atop my own majestic skull!

if the northern biking family REALLY has a christmas coloring contest...i shall need to spend the next year angling for my invite!!!

ok, i'm off to practice coloring IN THE LINES with festive shades! :)