Wednesday, 19 December 2007

So much to tell you

Well. Hello there, old friends! It seems I did it again, doesn't it? Fail to post on my blog for a while, that is. But I'm here now, and I have several days worth of exciting things to pack into one fun-filled post.

Firstly, thanks for all your helpful advice re: my Secret Santa gift; and particular thanks for being so kind about my necklace. The update for anyone who is interested is that the giftee may or may not have liked her gift - it was hard to say. Another colleague liked it very much though, so I know what to make her for her next birthday :o)

In more Secret Santa news, here is what I recieved from the game:

The rectangular thing is a bar of soap, and the rubber duck-shaped thing is a rubber duck - although it's quite an unusual one really, as it flashes crazy disco lights when you touch a sensor on its underside. Which is smashing, as now I can experience all the fun of a rave while having a bath (although I am a bit concerned that I might get electrocuted if I put it into the water - because the lights have got to be powered somehow, haven't they?)

In other news, I've been dutifully plugging away at my card-making, and things are looking promising - I now only have a few left to make, and they are for delivering by hand, so I don't need to worry that I'll have missed the last post.

Some of the fruits of my labours

On the knitting front, things are significantly less good - I still have two gifts to complete before the Big Day, one of which I've run out of wool for. Oh dear.

Crashing swiftly on from that, I wanted to show you this strange little thing:

Before: World's longest zip

After: a handy handbag!

I love the concept, and it is a curious thing, but it's more than a novelty: it's a perfectly functional bag when zipped up, and I think it looks quite nice. If you fancy a good laugh, you can go here and watch the hilariously cheesy advert for these bags. ("It's sassy and hip! It's the hip-zip!") Particular mention to the enthusiastic woman having coffee who points out that the bag would be perfect for her knitting!

And finally, I thought I'd share a picture of my Chirstmas tree, since I have enjoyed seeing other blogger's trees in all their decorative glory. Ours is a little unconventional:

Who says Christmas trees have to be firs?

We have a very small flat and we can't really fit a festive tree in, so we just hang baubles on the resident yukka-type-thing instead. I think it does a fine job (and those presents are secure from any potential thieves - that plant has the sharpest leaves in the land! Ouch!)

Right then, I'm off to appraise the knitted gifts situation. Or possibly bury my head in the sand about the whole thing. Cup of tea and a slice of denial, anyone?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I don't just want a slice of denial! Give me the whole cake please!!! Orders finished - Yay! 14 (yup it has increased) Christmas presents still to make - from scratch!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yeah - there's some serious cheese going on in that advert ;)

What a clever idea though .... ideal if you like to keep your hands occupied, you could drive people nuts with all that zipping and unzipping .... just watch out you don't unzip too far if you've got any "ladies" things on board .....

Good job on the card production front and your plant looks very festive :)

Kitsch n Zinc said...

LOVE the cards! Think I need to get me one of those bags too.....wonder what would happen if it got stuck on a passing twig/gate post/door etc though.....zzziiipppppppp!

Lesley said...

I couldn't open the stupid advert but I don't really mind as I got very excited and was kidding myself that the reason the photos were on your blog was that you had made the bag!!!!! I'm a visual learner - pictures first, read the facts second!!!
I would not be able to leave the zips alone. Can you imagine one made of velcro - oh, maaaaaaaan!
Great tree VC - a very innovative festive use of one's houseplants.

Lesley xxxx

Patti said...

I agree with the others. That zip means a whole lot of fidgeting fun for me.

Surely those cards are "vegetables of your labours"?

trashalou said...

Mmmmm denial, my favourite! Would that be served with out warm custard and a side order of guilt?

Random Reflections said...

So you miss Christmas this year, there's another one about the same time next year. That's the way it works isn't it?

lauren said...

do you have any stickeh toffeh denial?? ...i long as we're DENYIN'...i might as well pretend i am dangerously thin as well as totally organized and completely ready for xmas, right?! :)

(ps: your tree & cards are BEYOND fabulousness, o'course!!!)

Working Mom Knits said...

With a card as cool as yours, who needs a gift?!

ps: as soon as I awoke to the fact that the wool wasn't going to knit itself, I made a couple charitable donations and a "we've made donations in your name" note to include with our Christmas greeting.

Lesley said...

Re: the Monkee pattern altering thing - took me all of three minutes to give up in disgust and decide to keep them big!!

Happy Christmas!

love Lesley xx

Melissa M. M. M. said...

I have to gush about you again. Man! Or rather, Woman! or should I say: Monkey!? Can you write! You always put a smile on my face with your witty repartee--and the monkey pics are a great bonus. :0) Happy New (or newish) Year