Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Technical hitch

In a first-things-first stylie: A very Happy Christmas to all of the lovely people out in blogland who have stopped by my chicken over the past few months - I hope you're having a lovely day whatever you are doing.

And now to the technical matter. I know I said I'd continue to blog while I was away. I had every intention of doing so. But then the Internet connection at NBM's parents' house had a meltdown and messed up my plans. Grr. So, I write this brief missive from the NBM's Uncle's computer. And I probably won't be back until at least Thursday when we'll be in Oxford, and hopefully be able to get online once more.

Anyway, Happy Christmas again, with love from VC and NBM (and not forgetting her Uncle, who sends big sloppy kisses, and love from the heart of his bottom. Funny man.) :o)


trashalou said...

C-rap! A technical hitch? More like mass-destruction and mayhem.

Hope your Christmas F.A.B. (by your I mean you, NBM, NBM's parents and terribly kind [if a little odd] uncle)

Michaela said...

Hope you all had a good time and I'm looking forward to letting the madness and mayhem begin once more very soon!

lauren said...

internet meltdown??! at CHRISTMAS???! how seriousy non-festive! (i blame those pesky elves--santa should really keep a much closer eye on them! and don't get me started on REINDEER, either--do you have any idea how much *damage* those suckers can do to the average suburban roof??!) hope your xmas was otherwise wonderful...and that by "thursday" you mean TODAY...in which case *hooray* i won't have long to wait for more chicken-based goodness!

ps to NBM: i have one of *THOSE* uncles, m'self...at least yours is techno-savvy!!! :)

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas to you, too! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.