Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Meet the new guy

Today, a parcel arrived chez chicken from Monkee Maker's fabulous new Monkees 4 U shop.

Pretty paper!

Delaware was very excited, as he knew the parcel contained a new monkey:

The welcoming committee

Having ripped open the outer packaging, we discovered another pretty parcel inside .....

..... and we noticed that the new guy was bursting out of his tissue paper:

We took this as a good sign, indicating that he was pleased to be here and was eager to be unparcelled. Of course, it could just have been because he'd eaten too many bananas / chocolates / tea bags (please delete as applicable) - but we won't make him feel bad about that, if so. Even the chunkiest of monkeys are welcome around here.

But anyway, back to the grand unveiling:

Hello, HP8!

We were very glad to welcome him - not least because it means there's one more mouth around to help use up all the tea bags! Hooray!

Get drinking, HP8: there's plenty more where that came from.

And as if HP8 wasn't exciting enough all by himself, another parcel arrived too: a faberooney monkee beer mitt that I was lucky enough to win in Monkee Maker's opening-of-shop giveaway, AND some tasty choccies. Hooray again!

So it's really been a splendid day all round. Thanks so much for the kind prize and for HP8, MM; and to everyone else, I recommend you visit the excellent Monkees 4 U next time it opens its doors (if you haven't already), and get yourself a monkee. 'Cause you can take it from me: they're fun to have around. Just ask Del-boy.

Bessie mates


Monkee Maker said...

Blimey, we're like the mutual appreciation society today!

So glad that HP8 arrived safely - albeit in a hurry to get out of that wrapping - and it looks like he's settled right in.

But tea? TEA?? Did you not read the memo?!

trashalou said...

So kind of the welcome committee to be ready and waiting at your house V.C. but was he prepared to share?

the vicious chicken said...

MM, HP8 can have something alcoholic to drink just as soon as he's finished his 10th cuppa, which I've just poured for him. Every woman and monkey needs to pitch in if we're to get this tea stash used. No exceptions.

Firm but fair, I feel :o)

Viv said...


Oh well. There's always next time, right?

lauren said...

thank goodness reinforcements have arrived! i was running out of comedy teabag-using-up scenarios!

but seriously, the joy & rapture of receiving a BEAUTIFUL parcel filled with an adorable monkeh sidekick??! ...why does that sound SO EERILY FAMILIAR...??!!!! :):):):)

(my blog. tomorrow morning. be there!) (...well, you know, if you wanna...) :)

lauren said...

turns out tipsy couldn't wait to make his debut...he's posted early! (thank you thank you thank you, lovely vc!)