Thursday, 22 November 2007

One of the many reasons why I love the NBM

My Nothern Baking Monkey may have decided to rebrand as the Northern Biking Monkey, but she still fits in a spot of baking now and then.

These are her absolutely fantastic, best-in-the-world chocolate brownies:

Note the drooling HP8 in the background. I made the mistake of telling her that I didn't mind sharing, given that there were twenty-four brownies...

"Excellent - one for VC, twenty-three for HP8!"

I'm off to wrestle them away from her now before they all disappear. Happy evening to everyone - and an especially Happy Thanksgiving to any American folks who happen to stop by :o)


Monkee Maker said...

Mmmmm, they look divine - does the NBM take commissions perchance??

See, this is why you don't need to brave the crowds at Ikea for Dime cake and I do .... RGH cooks but he doesn't bake. (And for that my hips are truly grateful.)

Lesley said...

Yummy looking brownies! Ruby monkee and I are positively drooling. Well done NBM xxx

tintocktap said...

Another one drooling here. Definately ups the baking plans for the weekend. And the monkee knitting.

Tracy said...

i have nothing else to say
tracy x

Patti said...

aaah brownies

your foties (photos in scots) have kept me on my diet today.

I drooled instead of ate (was going to say swallowed but that didn't sound quite right!!!)

lauren said...

i'believe you've mis-counted HP8, that is SO not an equitable division of said delectable brownies! surely it should be: 1 for VC, 1 for NB/BM, 22 for HP8!!! (it's important to *share* you see!) :)

(ps: thank you for the warm transatlantic holiday wishes...they totally WORKED!)