Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunday stuff

Meet Grumpy Monkey-Martian #3:

Make the most of him now, because you probably won't see him again: he has been given to my mum to keep her company in the hospital.

It was a close call, actually: I finished sewing him up at about 10:58, on the road leading to the hosp., and he had been given to my mum by 11:10. There was just time in between for a quick photo-op on NBM's dashboard. Oh, and a fond farewell...

... although from that picture, it looks more like the Wilmster might just have been trying to cop a feel. Tsk.

My mum's still not doing so well. It was nice to see her today, but sad to see that she is feeling so ill. Our drive back home to Bristol was also a bit stressful, with bad weather and two very near-misses accident-wise. But we are ok, so I shouldn't complain really. It has just added up to a bit of a sucky day.

That said, things have looked up a bit since we got home, as I've been attempting to cheer myself up by making Moogsmum's rather delish-looking chocolate and banana muffings:

Thanks very much for the recipe, Lesley and Ruby - they look very tasty! I just hope I followed your instructions well enough for mine to be edible... but I will find out in a mo, as the very next thing I am going to do is try one - with a cup of tea, naturally :o)


Patti said...

Those muffins look yummy. I'm sure Grumpy will help your mum. Tell him to keep away from the nurses!

trashalou said...

Perhaps more muffins as a peace offering to the nurses next time you go?

Monkee Maker said...

Mmmmm, those muffins look scrummy .... but hang on just a cotton picking second .... YOU made them?? Don't you happen to live with someone called the Northern Baking Monkey?? Talk about buying a dog and barking yourself!

I'm sure that the GMM (not that it really looks grumpy) will be help your mum on her road to recovery, who couldn't fail to feel better with that marvellous mascot :)

And really. Is it any wonder there were near-misses on the motorway?? When other drivers were obviously trying to get a peek at the monkey business going on in your car?!

ps. I realise that the GMM had already left by then, but heck, I've just typed all that out, please don't make me delete it!

My Paper World said...

Awww! Grumpy is so cute,Im sure he will make your mum smile, Im sorry to hear she is not well.
and your muffins look yummy!

Random Reflections said...

Sorry to hear your mum is still not well. I hope you all get some good news soon.

Those muffins look nice. I will expect to find one waiting for me on my desk tomorrow morning with a nice cuppa. Many thanks in advance.

Kae said...

Hope your mum feels better soon... I'm sure Grumpy is cheering her up already - who could resist his cute little face? I LOVE your Martian Monkeys!!!

Those muffins are on my (ever-growing) to do list... They look so yummy!!!!


Stine said...

i'm sure you have all had a taste of the muffins by now - so, how were they? Did the primates get their share?

Martine said...

Grumpy is so sweet!!! I am sure he will help your mum!!

Is this your own pattern? He is so cute!

Working Mom Knits said...

That's one heck of a "fond" farewell-almost takes you in to an entirely different internet realm! (not that I've ever gone to that other realm myself - ahem!)

ps: I totally fell for the muffin baking busniess until I read MM's comments - thanks for opening my eyes to reality MM! (love the "barking yourself" analogy,
mind if I use it myself?)

VC - what's up with your word verificationalways giving me a re-do? Sheesh! Talk about making a gal work for it...

Lesley said...

Ooh, hope the muffins taste good - they certainly look like mine did!

I really hope your Mum feels much better soon. I'm sure having her own Grumpy Monkee will help :)
Take care of yourself and don't eat all the muffins!!

lauren said...

i was wondering about said muffings m'self...but remember, MM...that particular personage is now known as northern *BIKING* that essplains VC having to bake for herself!!!

(i am so very sorry to hear that your mom is still poorly, that totally STINKS!!! i hope that she will be better *very* soon! GMM will cure her, post-haste, i am certain of that! good golly--you have made some cute monkehs, but THAT little guy...he is nearing supernatural levels of FABULOSITY!)