Thursday, 1 November 2007

Various things

Firstly, an addendum to yesterday's post: there's something else I didn't tell you. Apparently, I forgot to change the time on my alarm clock, because yesterday morning I was woken up one hour earlier than I was expecting. Only then I forgot that I forgot, and so I didn't change the time, and was woken up an hour early again today. *So very stupid*.

However, the alarm clock has now been smashed to smithereens situation has now been rectified. Which means I can move swiftly on (because I know I was beginning to harp on a bit - ok, a lot - about things to do with time...)

So, the main matter of the day is this: some of you expressed as interest in seeing my spoils from the Llanfair wool shop.

Well, I bought two balls of this:

I doubt you can tell just by looking at it (particularly as it is such a bad picture - sorry - poor photography on my part), but this is possibly the softest yarn EVER. But then, what else would you expect from something called 'technosoft'? You could try stroking your computer screen to see how lovely it feels, but I can't vouch for whether or not that will work.

I quite like how it looks too, being sort of autumnal, but once I had felt it, I think I would probably have bought it even it was the ugliest colour ever. Because I could always have made it into a scarf to be worn only in the dark, right? As it is, I have no clue what I will make of it, and I'm a bit nervous about my first foray into fluffy yarn (I predict many tangles) but I had to buy it. Once I had it in my hands, I just couldn't put it down again; it was too soft. And it was reduced.

I also bought a small ball of something else, which I do have a purpose in mind for. But I'm not going to show you that one - you have to wait until the proposed project is finished (at my rate of knitting, probably next February!)

Also, one last little piece of news - the kettle is definately not well. It will boil water if pressed, but then it smells of burning, and makes a funny little noise even after it is turned off... So, until I can get a new one, I'm fuelling my cuppa habit with the good, old-fashioned, saucepan-of-water-on-the-hob method. It's not as good, but it's better than a dab in the eye with a wet fish, as my Gran would say. And she didn't get her first electric kettle until about 2004, so she would know.


Melissa said...

I find it ironic that you now have a lifetime supply of tea but no reliable electric kettle. Is there no justice in this world???

trashalou said...

That is just mean. All those years of watching your Gran smack herself in the eye with a soggy fish rather than just spend a few quid on kettle for her. I mean really! Surely you had opportunity on all those birthdays and christmases. *tut*

Monkee Maker said...

Mmmm, beautifully soft wool .... stroking the screen worked a treat, thanks for the tip :)

Dontcha just LOVE yarn bargains??

Any clues as to what the next project might be??

the vicious chicken said...

Melissa - I know, it's so distressing!

Trash - I feel really guilty now: partly for not getting Gran a kettle, but mainly for laughing so hard at that image of her you conjured up! (It really cheered me up, actually, so thanks :o) )

And MM - You can probably guess roughly what my next project will be - compulsivemonkeyitis is quite hard to shake off, it seems :o)


lauren said...

having stroked that "tecnosoft" in real life... (ok not that PARTICULAR tecnosoft, probably, unless it lived in new jersey and somehow MIGRATED to wales? which seems unlikely.) ...i think i HAD a point to begin with...oh yeah: it's really really soft! :)

i suspect that melissa has inadvertently hit upon a diagnosis of said kettle's ailment: it has had a nervous breakdown, triggered by the arrival of the metric ton of tea in your kitchen!!! (either that or gran, intent on revenge for the fish thingie, has sabotaged it...)