Monday, 19 November 2007

People are very kind

A while ago, I sent my blog pal Lauren a teeny tiny PG Tips monkey, and at the end of last week, a lovely thank-you package arrived from her. Isn't that nice?

This is the first thing I saw when I unwrapped the brown paper packaging:

"Hooray!" sez I, "Omaha steaks - how did Lauren know that I've just run out of these? But it does say 'keep frozen'... I hope they haven't thawed out too much during their Atlantic crossing..."

But of course, it turned out that it was just the packaging box - silly me. I didn't need to be the least bit disappointed though, because look at what was inside:

This is heaps better than Omaha Steaks!

The wrapped parcel contained these brilliant badges, which match the wrapping paper I used when I sent Lauren's monkey:

And inside the envelope was this beautiful hand-made card:

I'm sorry it's not the best picture - poor light when I took it - but I hope you can see how fab it is. Also, I hope you can see how resourceful Lauren has been: she cut out the monkeys from my wrapping paper and included them on the card! Resourceful, clever, and talented Lauren.

So: thank you, thank you, thank you, Lauren - you are very kind :o)

Right, that is enough blogging for one day - I'm off to try and finish my current knitting project, more of which soon... watch this space...


trashalou said...

Yes they are, aren't they? I quite like them when they are not being the 'general public'. :-)

Random Reflections said...

What are Omaha Steaks??

Send me stuff! Send me stuff! In return I'll send you... *thinks* some coal and free things that I find on London Underground... What more could you want?

Lesley said...

Lovely goodies VC and I can agree with Trashalou's sentiments too!

I may have to google Omaha Steaks 'cos i'm basically a nosey geek!

Lesley xx

Lesley said...

Oh my word - just googled it and there is actually '' with lots of advice on getting some good steak gifts. So glad I'm geeky :)))

lauren said...

you mean the steaks weren't in there??! i don't want to make any accusations, but i suspect your postman of being a beef thief!!! :) (...kidding...)

you are very, VERY welcome indeed and i am glad you enjoyed your package! afterall, it's the *least* i could do for someone who is responsible for introducing me to tipsy, my teeny tiny friend & sidekick!

(ps: omaha steaks are very very nice indeed...and so they should THOSE prices!)

Monkee Maker said...

A fab thank you indeed. That Lauren, she's got too much talent for her own good.

I shall look out for you at the Mall; you'll be the one festooned in monkey badges and I'll be the one looking jealous .....