Friday, 9 November 2007


Let me show you a (so-called) gift from a (so-called) friend:

Mmmmm.... Skum Bananer, anyone?

HP8 isn't too sure she likes them ...

... and to be honest, I think I might be inclined to agree. (For reference, though, they taste more like hairspray than scum. Just in case you were wondering.)

Moving swiftly on; some of you were wondering if HP8 was going to be given a girl monkee name to go with her girl monkee nature (well, Stine was, at least). Personally, I quite like HP8 - it's sort of stuck. However, there are various other names we think would suit her too. So, my plan is this: she will have a day-to-day name, AND an official name (she is a thoroughbred monkee, right MM?). That way, she can use the official name at monkee shows and such like.

And now let's just pause for a moment to laugh wholeheartedly at that idea. Ha ha ha. (Don't get me wrong, HP8 - I think you are a queen amongst monkees, and I'm sure you'd win every rosette going if we were to enter you in one of these fictitious contests - but I just can't see it happening, somehow. Because 1) They don't exist, and 2) I doubt either of us could be arsed with it even if they did.)

Anyway, to get back to the name thingy: monkee contests or no, I think it's fine for HP8 to have a spare name; for special occasions and such like. Or just in case she ever takes up showjumping. So, we're working on it. I do have some ideas already, but need to run them by HP8 and see what she thinks. But I will be sure to let you know when a decision has been reached - just so's you know who to cheer for at the next Monkee Gala.

Ok, ok - I'll stop with that now. Sorry :o)

Happy weekend folks!

VCx (and Champion the Wonder Monkee*)

*please note: this is not actually one of the names we are considering. So if any nameless monkeys out there would like it... please, help yourself!


Monkee Maker said...

Hmmm .... I'm sure I've seen those skum bananers in Lidl. Your "friend" obviously shops in the same high class outlets as I do :)

Have a happy weekend, VC, NBM, HP8, Del-boy, Wilmington, the monkey army, and that MASSIVE stash of acrobatic PG monkeys .... sorry if I've forgotten anyone .... is your flat feeling a little full yet??

Patti said...

So how do you know what scum tastes like?

Hairspray I understand - it gets everywhere. But scum?

trashalou said...


Tracy said...

show jumping monkees?????
now that i would love to see

tracy x

Kae said...

Hmmmm... scum flavoured bananas... not too sure about those... Munkee just kinda pulled a face and went when I showed him... So I guess those are not his taste. There are, however, some nice ones out there. Can't remember where I got them from (must investigate) but they are really yummy. Some sort of jelly type stuff coated in chocolate... YUM!!!


lauren said...

well, i was not too keen on trying "skum bananers"...but *HAIRSPRAY* bananers?! ...mmmmmmmm......pass the packet!!! :)

tipsy is a bit miffed to find out he COULD have been named champion the wonder monkee! (i've had to agree to call him "champ" for the rest of the day to be allowed use of the laptop, actually.) he's also begun a campaign for santa to bring him a tiny knitted pony for xmas, in hopes of entering said showjumping contests and impressing his internet inamorata, the artist soon to be formerly known as HP8!