Sunday, 25 November 2007

Still ill...

.... but at least the knitting is coming on a treat, what with all this time spent lounging on the sofa. Yesterday's marathon of knitting resulted in the completion of an old project - a pair of mittens for the NBM. She demanded I put all monkey projects on hold until the mittens were finished. Which I suppose is fair enough, given that I said I'd make them for her for Christmas. Last year.

Anyway, they are now done. Here she is modelling them:

She's very shy about appearing on the Internets, and doesn't want to show her face, but you can see her beautiful, beautiful curls. You can probably also guess that she quite likes stripes.

On an entirely different note, I thought I'd leave you with this fab advert which I've seen a couple of times over the weekend. Just because I think it is lovely:


Patti said...

Poor you. I commiserate on the feeling ill. But it is a great excuse to sit and knit. Lovely mittens (and looks like a lovely daughter behind them.) Me and mine all love the advert - haven't seen this one yet, but then it's not likely to be shown on playhouse disney!

Monkee Maker said...

Marvellous mittens, stunning stripes and cute curls!! Oh, and amazing advert :)

Sounds to me like you need a duvet day today .... think how much more knitting you could do!

Hope you'll be feeling better soon


trashalou said...

Hey! Is that Paula Hurley hiding behind those gloves?

(Highly unlikely as she lives 12000 miles away and is undoubtedly older but that hair?! NBM you two could be twins!)

the vicious chicken said...

Thanks for the commiserations and well-wishes on the illness, people. I hope we're better soon, too - not least becasue the NBM is really, really grumpy when she's sick.

(Oh, and Patti: yes, the NBM may behave like a child sometimes, but she is in fact a full 26 years old - she's my girlfriend, not my daughter. Thought I'd better clear that up in case of future confusion...)

Working Mom Knits said...

LOVE the advert! And the curls : )
The mitts are great too.

Good job you!

Enen ill you've still got the ability to keep us entertained.