Monday, 26 November 2007

Scraping the barrel

Not much to blog about today, so I had a little trawl through my photos and found a picture from a couple of weeks ago that I never got round to posting:

HP8 watches the ducks at Stafford Services.

Truly, we have shown her some wonderous sights. Admittedly, Stafford Services might not seem that glamourous, but as motorway service stations go, it's got to be one of the best. It's certainly in my top five. (Seriously, you can tell it's a cut above by the fact that it boasts a duck pond; how many other service stations greet arriving motorists with a sign saying "Caution - ducks crossing"?)

In fact, HP8 is well on her way to becoming a very well-travelled monkee: in addition to Stafford Services, she has been to Frankley Services, and Strensham Services. Oh, the things she has seen. For reference, she liked Stafford best, although she particularly enjoyed Frankley for the comedic potential of its name ("Frankley? My dear, I don't give a damn!").

Monkee Maker, I know you like your monkees to get out and about, so I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that HP8 has seen something of the world. And I do promise to take her to a part of the world that doesn't feature the M5 or M6 quite so heavily, very soon.

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for not-to-be-missed service stations, I'm sure HP8 would love me to arrange a visit for her. Anybody? No?


Michaela said...

Don't know of any half decent service stations (although the one on the M6 toll road is OK) but HP8 is more than welcome to come to see Vera for a little holiday! Can't promise much in the way of excitement, but they can practise swinging from the lights with knitted i-cord. Or making chocolate banana lollies. Or playing on the trampoline. They could even help the kitchen fitters put in a few new cupboards.

Lesley said...

I like any that have an M&S food shop - bananas and chocolate, mmm.
I used to be a sales rep and knew every service station and Tesco's in Hampshire intimately. They have, sadly, lost their air of mystery to me now!
If I'd had Ruby Monkee back then it would have been quite a different matter ;)

Monkee Maker said...

I'm glad to see that with all this motorway driving you've been doing recently, you've been sensible and have taken regular monkee breaks.

I'm not sure of the best ones but one word of advice .... stay away from Reading Services. Our caravan was stolen from the back of our car there - and we'd only nipped in for a wee (sorry, too much information?) and a take-out coffee!!

Luckily there were no monkees on board. Phew!

Random Reflections said...

With your ever growing moneky family, I am surprised you can afford to stop at service stations. You'll have to start carrying a flask and a few bananas in the car at this rate.

trashalou said...

The one we went to after we left Stoke was good. I have never seen nesting boxes in the trees at a services before. (But then my main experience is of Fleet services on the M3 so I don't have very high standards).

Working Mom Knits said...

The Maryland House on I-95 is pretty darned good. As is the first stop after Bedford on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

ps: we'd LOVE to host the little guy for a week or two if her is interested in playing the part of an exchange student...