Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New year, same old obsessions

So, OK, I might not quite have managed to finish drinking my collection of 1280 teabags yet. But yesterday I had to buy just one more box. Please don't be cross. Observe:

A monkey

A monkey hat

A monkey in a monkey hat

Simple pleasures, my friends; simple pleasures. Even more entertaining than the monkey-in-a-hat phenomenon is the back of the box of tea which contained the monkey hat. So much so that I felt the need to reproduce it for you below in all its glory:

If you want to read it all, you may need to click on it to enlarge - and if you get that far, please pay close attention to the third point in the list of excellent suggestions. Wise words indeed, as I'm sure you'll agree: if we are being honest, I think we can all admit that Yes! All too often we do accept laces not tied properly! This must change, for our own good. So please: tie the perfect bow. Be safe out there.

Oh yes, and keep drinking tea. I know I will be :o)

(PS many thanks to Random for the tip-off about the monkey hats. Random, I finally found my hat in... erm... the ninth supermarket I staked out, I think. What?? That's perfectly healthy behaviour, isn't it?)


Patti said...

Wow! Lovin' the hat. And I NEED more teabags. How fortuitous. Unfortunately, or less fortuitous, I have to go to work tomorrow. Hmm. How to get to supermarket without anyone noticing I've gone? Actually, in my job, quite easily.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Great hat and top-tea-tips from the monkey! Love the portrait from the previous post too! Happy New Year - enjoy your tea! Lucy x

Random Reflections said...

I have a spare hat - had I known you were having so many problems, I could have sent you one! I'm glad you tracked it down though.

Happy New Year!

lauren said...

now THAT is one cooooool monkeh in one warrrrrrrm hat! :) but personally, i am holding out for a monkeh chef hat as pictured in hint #5!

PS: whilst i agree that hint #3 is very good advice, i cannot help but wonder how your nearest fellow shopper reacted to hint #1 when you followed it at the market?!

PSS: i'll resume thinking up comedy tea-bag-surplus-using-up scenarios (scenariae??!) then shall i?

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, another monkey freebie on tea - how marvellous!

.... just one thing though .... has the NBM tested it out yet? Is it generously proportioned? If not I won't bother.

.... mind you, it is free. And it has got a monkey on it. Ok, you've sold it to me ..... now which supermarket was it? (just so I don't have to trog round the other eight)


the vicious chicken said...

Patti - Hope you managed to find a monkey hat (you'll be needing it if the forecast for snow tomorrow is accurate...)

Lucy - Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too :o)

Random - Now you tell me! (Happy New Year to you too, though) :o)

lauren - Thankfully I read tip#1 when I was standing next to NBM, who seemed quite pleased to get the hug. Phew! And yes, more comedy uses for teabags would be handy - ta!

MM - Unfortunately I bagged my hat in a Tesco in Oxford... sorry. But do let me know if you find a reliable source in the South-West :o)

Melissa said...

Ah, yet another step in world-monkey domination, I see. I never doubted you would be a relentless monkey hat hunter. Plus, you get (even more) tea! What could be better?

Working Mom Knits said...

Note to British Tea Merchants: We in the USA like fun freebies too - and the days of tossing your product into the river are long past!

trashalou said...

Oo Oo Oo Oo! A hat and a monkey together - do you think some marketing genius reads these blogs and their plans for world domination?!?!?

WMK? I laugheed out loud and then had to try and explain to my 5 y.o. all about the American War of Independence !!!!

Lesley said...

Got a recipe for Yorkshire Teabread if you should find you need it. That'll see off at least one bag!!!
I'm now suffering a severe case of hat envy and will no doubt ditch any plans for sewing in favour of stalking supermarkets for monkee hattage! We're down to two boxes anyway so another 4 could be useful!
Lesley xx