Saturday, 19 January 2008

My new accessories

No, I haven't been shopping for shoes and handbags (sadly).

I've been to Staples and purchased these:

Wrist rest for keyboard.

Mousemat / wrist rest hybrid.

Thank you to those of you who made suggestions about being cautious regarding possible RSI / carpal tunnel syndrome - I'm going to get it checked out soon I think, but I thought these gel-filled cushion thingies might be a good idea in the meantime. Because heck, if they're no use as wrist supports, I can cut them up and use them to enhance my cleavage. (Seriously, the mousemat's a little chicken fillet-y for my liking. It's weird.)

I've never explored Staples properly before, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be mainly boring office supplies... but then I remembered that I'm actually quite keen on boring office supplies. What can I say? I just really like stationery. And it turns out they have fun stationery, too. I got myself these:


And then, because sore wristage seemed like a great excuse for avoiding doing any work on the computer, I spent some of the afternoon on this:

Mmm, biscuits

... and some of it on this:

Mmm, knitting (and more biscuits)

Lauren, you'll observe that they are Marks and Spencer's biscuits, so I hope this will put your mind at rest regarding the calibre of the biccies we serve with our cups of tea - definitely no tat. I'll pop one in the post for you on Monday, along with that cuppa you wanted. OK? :o)

And Monkee Maker: obviously, wrist pain prevented me from walking to the shops for a RaWCC muffin. Oh no, sorry, my mistake - it was my extreme laziness that was the problem. Anyway, suffice to say that while the biccies were of excellent quality, they were clearly nowhere near as restorative as a muffin would've been. So next time you're passing, do feel free to pick one up for me. Ta. :o)

Anyhoo, I'd best be off as I've got laundry to hang (Saturday night round our place is a riot of entertainment. You can tell, can't you?)

*Please be aware that the inherent fun-ness of a metal ruler and a cutting mat is non-negotiable. Anyone who wishes to question this position should refer back to when I told you that I really like stationery. All stationery.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooooh Stationery!!! I love stationery too!!!!!

Hope the wrist gets better quickly - don't want it interfering with your knitting!

And thanks for the "chicken fillet-y" description of your mousemat wristrest thingy - the image will stay with me forever!!!

Mad about Craft said...

I also love stationary and particularly like wandering around Staples. I have been known to spend the national debt in there!

Kitty said...

Yep, another stationery addict here. No.1 has inherited the gene: Me: "do you want to go shopping and if so where?" Her: "Oooh, can we go to WH Smiths and look at pens and books and stuff?" Tsk!

We have one of those gel mousemat jobbies - the kids love it, but it gets on my nerves I'm afraid *blush*

Hope the wrist gets better soon. x

Jodie said...

ooooohhh stationary, fancy pens and rulers and cute but useless little clips and books and paper and wee tiny staplers and folder trays and .........I'm sorry. I really like stationary

Lesley said...

How can anyone not love stationary? The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned!

I hope your wrist get's better soon. I'm sure the biscuits will help. Everyone knows they contain secret ingredients that cure all ills.

Could your poorly wrist have been caused by poor manual handling techniques when map reading?

Just asking!

With regard to the muffin thing - can you ask MM to pop me one in the post with a regular latte, please?


Lesley xx

Monkee Maker said...

Stationary/Stationery/Smationery!!! Why oh Why has no-one mentioned the BISCUITS??? Are you all MAD people??

And more to the point, VC, how come we didn't get to see a shot of an actual biscuit?? Were they all gone, perchance? Cool tin though.

And knitting.

And new chicken fillet.

And .... ok .... stationery.

..... I still prefer the biccies though ....


lauren said...

ok, i'm torn...because biscuits...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! (M&S? very nice! be sure to pad those babies, ok?!) (hey--the chicken fillety thing would probably be excellent in that capacity, should it prove unwieldy to the wrists!) :)

oof...where was i?? i feel SURE i had a point when i started typing! oh yeah:

biscuits ARE great...but then stationery (& it IS "ery", MM, i've checked) is also very VERY good--even the so-called "boring" office supplies: pens, paper, notebooks, rulers, those little divider thingies you put IN the notebooks, (you know, with the tabs) ...i could go on (and on...AND ON...) and this is ignoring the whole OTHER half of staples where they have the computers and pda's and allllll those yummy gadgety things! ok, i have to go and calm down, i'm getting overexcited!

(hope the tea and biccies arrive soon...just the thing for a sitdown!) :)