Friday, 18 January 2008

A short post...

... because it hurts to type - I keep getting wrist pain when I use a computer which is a bit pants. Even worse, last night my wrist hurt when I tried to knit, too :o(

So, today's post is brief. Less typing. More knitting. And on the knitting front, fingers crossed my wrist will be OK today and that it just ached yesterday because I'd been at the computer all day beforehand. (Obviously that fingers crossed thing isn't literal: have you ever tried to knit with your fingers crossed? No, I thought not.)

So, I'll take my leave now, but I can't go without a quick piccie. It's terrifying, so please don't have nightmares:

Hairy Lee does King Kong

Happy weekend :o)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Great photo!!! Hope your hand is ok soon. Lucy x

Melissa said...

I hope your hand feels better soon. Hairy Lee makes an excellent Kong, but I would expect no less of a monkey named "Lee".

Kitty said...

Awww, sorry to hear about your wrist - sounds like RSI. Not sure if it's of any help, but when my mum kept getting painful thumbs from quilting, she found rubbing arnica cream into the skin round the joints helped with the pain.

Hope it gets better soon. x

PS Word verification = avafuztu - Don't mind if I do.

Lesley said...

Hope the poorly wrist is much better very soon - life without knitting and blogging doesn't bear thinking about!!!
Great Hairy Lee Kong action shot!!

Hope you have a great weekend,

Lesley x

lauren said...


that IS scary! i will be terrified of visiting pagodas for...oh...months, probably. (can i get counseling for that??!) (ok, i would settle for tea and a chocolate biscuit.) (the good kind, obviously: hobnob, bourbon, no tat!) :)

re the wrist pain: not to be the voice of doom (let's do that again in a james earl jones, "darth vadery" voice ok? VOIIIIIICE OF DOOOOOOOOM!!! ...that's better...loads more impressive, dontcha think?) but what i was going to say is: if this is the same pain you were having around xmas, pleeeeeeeease be careful how much knitting/typing/sign language you are doing. as someone with carpal tunnelly issues...DO NOT let this get bad..."NIPPING" and "BUD" are your watchwords in this scenario. trust me! (cue JEJ again: LUUUUUUUKE, I AM YOUR FATHHHHHHHHHHHER...TRUSSSSSSSST MEEEEEEE! ok, that's enough of that.

...can i get that cup of tea, though...??! :)

Kerry said...

Hi VC,

Sorry to read about your wrist pain .... I should have picked you up a RaWCC muffin this morning as they have EXCELLENT medicinal qualities .... no, really.

Great to see HL again .... and that structure he's on .... a match-stick creation crafted by your own fair hands? And you wonder why you have wrist pain??


Monkee Maker said...

Oops. Sorry, that was me. I had the wrong blogging hat on. Not sure I have the mathematical skills to keep with with two .... make that three .... blogs. You see?!