Monday, 21 January 2008

You might as well face it...

... you're addicted to baking, NBM!

As you may have seen from my last post, we currently have a rather large box of M&S biccies on the go at the house of chicken. Nonetheless, NBM decided yesterday that what we really needed were blondies:

... and lemon drizzle cake:

... and ginger biscuits:

Honestly, that girl just couldn't stop baking! It's just as well we had visitors round yesterday for afternoon tea (very civilised, don'tcha know), or we'd still be eating the home-bakes in a month! ..... wait, what am I saying?? That would have been good, wouldn't it? Damn, I missed a trick there....... :o)

Anyhoo, just to make things a bit more ridiculous, some of our visitors got the wrong end of the stick and brought yet more cake with them:

... but, sadly, they took it away with them again when they left, as they seemed to think we had enough already...... shame.

Anyhoo, in other news: while the ongoing writers' strike may have led to the cancellation of the Golden Globes ceremony, blogland awards abound at the moment... so much so, that I have somehow ended up with (fanfare, please) not one, but two awards! How exciting! So, thanks so much to Kitty for her 'you cheer me up' award:

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and to Lesley, who gave me a 'best geek' award - cheers, Lesley ;o) (Oh, OK then - it may have been a 'spread the love' award, really. But in my heart it's for best geek!)

I've lost track of the passing-on rules for different awards, and I'd really like to cop out and say that I'm passing the awards on to everyone whose blogs I visit - because I like all of your blog homes. I wouldn't stop by if I didn't!

So, I'm going to give the 'spread the love' award to anyone reading this - because that seems in the spirit of spreading the love, right? - and then, since it seems churlish not to, I'm going to amalgamate the 'you make my day' and the 'you cheer me up' awards ("you make my day all cheered up?"), and bestow this new, hybrid, two-for-the-price-of-one award to: Kitty, Lauren, Lesley, Lucy Locket, Melissa, Michaela, Monkee Maker, paper-and-string, Trashalou, and Working Mom Knits.

I know you've all probably got the original two awards already, but I'm sure you'll find space on the mantle for another. Please don't feel that you have to start dishing them out again though, or things might get silly :o)

... and I'm now worn out from all that linking (and uploading of gratuitous homebakes photos), so I'm off now. Think I'll go and use up some of those ginger biscuits... it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it :o)


Kitty said...

In this house we are perhaps overly familiar with the Waitrose chocolate cake pictured there (brown box for those who aren't as familiar with it *blush*)

Congratulations on your awards - very much deserved. How's the wrist? x

Random Reflections said...

I'm not sure I understand what sort of a 'friend' would bring cake and then take it away again. Particularly as it was really lovely Waitrose cake.

Even if you are friends with them because they once pulled you from a burning car, I think it is time to re-evaluate that friendship. They took the cake away!

Lesley said...

What a delicious post!! Never mind the awards, get the kettle on I'll be round in about 4 hours, traffic permitting!!!


Even though you are ill with your bad wrist?

Tut....some people.....


p.s. word verification - gafpoo? Is that what you call the act of cake gift retracting?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Thank you for the awards VC! I am duly honoured and will be getting my Duster out later to polish them to perfection (that is once he's finished doing the washing up and hoovering of course!)

Lovely cake-y photos but can you explain to me what a blondie is? I've heard of them recently but didn't know what it meant unless it was a pc way of referring to another type of chocolate coloured squidgy cake. Can you enlighten me please?

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yum! I too haven't heard of Blondies, but they look pretty damn scrummy!

Thanks so much for spreading the love; I'm surprised that the (G)NBM didn't rugby tackle you at the keyboard though, thereby adding to your injuries, when she saw you typing my name. Can you just tell her that I'm sorry about the whold monkee draw thing .... now can she PLEASE get on and bake me some Blondies? Thank you.

I think that your friends, who have deliciously expensive tastes, simply brought out their cakes for a little trip, and they no intention of leaving them with you. We're making the annual pilgrimage to some friends on Saturday and I'll be taking wine.

.... and then bringing it back home with me. Perfectly normal.


trashalou said...

Am feeling confident that you will face your greatest challenges as you struggle through the home-bake mountain in front of you but perservere - we have faith in your abilities.

However if Lesley would like to swing past and collect me on the way I shall help with the situation. *shhh heresy* I prefer water please.

lauren said...


(G)NB/BM is *not* addicted to baking...she is just trying to even out the teabag-to-baked-good ratio at chez chicken! to which i say, "well done, oh northern baking and biking one!!!" and also, "any time you're in new jersey, please feel free to swing by and fill MY home with numerous and diverse baked items!"

ooooooh and ta v much for the lovely award! of course, if *I* was going to pass it along...i would send it back to YOU...and then we'd be in a similar situation as with the maybe best to just print it out and frame it, eh?! :)