Monday, 14 January 2008

Up and down

This time last week I thought I'd have happy news to post, because my Mum was finally discharged from hospital after being there since the end of October. Unfortunately, when I heard about my Mum being discharged from one hospital, I also found out that my Grandma had been admitted to another, with a chest infection.

However, today my Gran was also discharged and allowed home - hooray! Good news indeed - just so long as no-one else in my family decides to adopt a "one out, one in" policy with regard to medical institutions!

On the other hand - albeit on a lighter note - I'm feeling irritatingly plagued with hormones today. So much so that I heard someone humming Nellie the Elephant earlier and nearly got a bit tearful.... look, it's quite sad when the Head of the Herd's far, far away, alright?? Not to mention how scary it must've been to say goodbye to the circus and head out on her own. Moving stuff.

(If you're not familiar with Nellie, you can hear a version of her song here. You only have to watch the first 30 seconds for the song; please don't feel you have to sit through the cartoon that follows. I didn't. Although I do seem to remember watching it quite a lot in my childhood... funnily enough, it seemed better when I was six.)

Anyhoo, that's me today. Unfortunately I haven't got any piccies to perk up this post, as the irritating hormones have also given me laziness and can't-be-bothered-itis, so I haven't taken any photos recently. Or made anything that I might be able to take photos of.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go and concentrate on a repeated episode of QI. Cheerio for now.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Can I worry about you a bit? I really think I should! Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Really great news about your Rellies :)

Not so great about the horrid hormones :(

Have you tried all the usual remedies? .... a nice cup of tea .... even nicer RaWCC muffin .... chocolate .... well, duh! Of course you'll have tried at least one of these!

I enjoy QI too .... although tonight I've passed on that in favour of "Bring it on" .... Go Toros!!


lauren said...

hooray *hOOrAy* HOORAAAAAAY!!! your mum is sprung!!! i am sooooooo pleased! ...and of course that your gran is ok now, also, and free to resume her budding career as a beautiful pin-up model on the t'internets!

note to the vicious chicken family: that is now officially ENOUGH hospitalling for one family for the forseeable future!!! (there ya go VC that should sort them out!)

(ps: sorry about the PMS...but if chocolates and stephen fry don't cure it...i have nothing further to contribute!) :)

Kitty said...

Hooray and hurrah that your Gran is now better. Sorry to hear about the hormones though - I do sympathise, I think mine were responsible for turning me into grumpy harridan of the year this weekend *blush*

I too love QI - how many times has Alan Davies triggered the hooter?!

Look after yourself. x

trashalou said...

Oh swap matey person! So sorry to hear you are suffering the agonies of girliedom. Seriously though, your plan of QI sounds like a good one - get all those endorphins floating madly around your system - that will have to help.


Lesley said...

Glad to hear your Mum and Gran are both out of hostipul and hope they are well on the mend.

Mmmm - the chocolate is probably the only reliable cure for 'women's trouble' although a little of Stephen Fry never hurt anyone - bless 'im :)

I do have to mention that if boys had to put up with what us girlies have to put up with they'd have found a way to stop it!!! Either that or they'd take to their beds for a fortnight every month with 'Man's trouble you wouldn't understand as you're just a girl!'

Do you get extra vicious at 'that' time? - just asking :)

Lesley x

Random Reflections said...

Pleased to hear that your mum and gran have been released into the wild again.

I must listen to Nellie the Elephant next time I have PMT and see if it brings a tear to my eye...

Working Mom Knits said...

VC - sorry to hear you are on the roller coaster :[

Chin up old gal!

Didn't that make you feel better? Well this might, I have something for you; mind emailing your addy to me?