Friday, 11 January 2008

Words cannot describe

... how much I love this cartoon by Doug Savage:

.... and I don't even know why. Curious.

But that's not really why I'm here today. The main thing I have to tell you is this very exciting news: the lovely Lesley has nominated me for a 'you make my day' award - thanks Lesley, I'm so touched! You make my day too :o)

Now, the next thing I'm supposed to do is nominate ten other people for the award, but I'm going to postpone that for a short while - I'm still dithering hither and thither about it, as I'm not sure I know ten other people in blogland (and certainly not ten people who haven't already got the award). These things require thought, and that's something which I'm not capable of on a Friday afternoon. Oh gosh, it's making me come out in cold sweats just thinking about the responsibility of it all... But watch this space and I'll come back to it, hopefully very soon.

Anyhoo, I'm off to brew up now as I think it's time for the inaugural cuppa of the weekend. Hurrah.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very good cartoon! And congratulations on the award - you deserve it! Ok, so is that enough flattery to persuade you to come and join in my swap???? Lucy x

Kitty said...

A foodle! That's just the very thing I need. Great cartoon. Congratulations on the award. x

Lesley said...

Don't know about a foodle but a sporkula sounds fun!!!
Glad you like your award VC (or Map Geek as I shall always think of you....) - I think you can give to others who've already got it but not back to the person who awarded you - that'll be me then!

have a lovely weekend,

Lesley xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hello again! I'm delighted you are joining in the fun - could you let me have your email address? Mine is on my profile page. Then I can send you all the c*** I've sent everyone else! Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, I have a foodle! But I call it a pasta server. Or a pasta spoon. Or a pasta disher-outer.

.... actually I don't call it anything at all, but it does look a lot like a foodle.

Congrats on the award ... well deserved I say.


Melissa said...

The spork cartoon reminds me of Roz Chast's work - I don't know if her work is available in the UK or not (she often appears in The New Yorker magazine)? I tried digging up a cartoon on-line and didn't have any luck, alas. I'll keep looking...

trashalou said...

Hahahaha! Like the cartoon.

Am of the same miind for passing on the award - will mull it over for some time and hand them out when I am inspired.

BTW how did you get the button?

Levin (and Emily) said...

i just read your comment on lucy locket-pockets web about the swap and i just wanted to say i share the same feelings. if i get in it will be my first swap and i have to say i find it a little scary!
i'm sure it will be okay though?!

MsGrace said...

Love the cartoon.

I also wanted to let you know that my 10 year old daughter Rachel saw some of your sock creations awhile back & has been on a quest for a super cool sock monkey or creature.

If you have a chance check out my blog...she made her own.

Thanks for the inspiration.


lauren said...

OOF! how did i miss this post yesterday?! well anyhow, this way i get one tonight, too. :)

i cannot decide if i like the sporkula or foodle best? actually, i'm hoping for the next generation...a SPOODLE! ok, on the other hand, that sounds like something the queen's corgi-walkers would use to clean up after their charges...soooooo NOT a utensil i want in my kitchen!!! :)