Sunday, 23 September 2007

Back home

Hey-hey, I'm back! It was a busy weekend, and I can't believe it is Sunday evening already (the worst time of the week...)

The monkey had fun checking out some pretty foliage in my parents' garden:

Very poor camouflage.

No, we can still see you.

He also got on like a house on fire with my Gran - but I don't think she would like to have her photo posted on t'Internet, so I'm afraid you'll have to imagine that beautiful meeting of minds.

I think he did have fun - although he seemed quite keen to get moving when it was time to come home again.

"Erm... am I supposed to be able to see out?"

Of course, we didn't let him drive. That would have been silly.

The very sad news is that the date when he'll be leaving us is now set in stone - the newlyweds are coming round for dinner on Wednesday, and he'll be handed over then. I'm finding this very traumatic. I will be bereft without him. So I'm going to have to get cracking on the handsome chappie to the right of the shot below:

(Apparently they were having a staring match. The one without eyes lost.)

When I've finished him, this little guy won't be given away to ANYONE. I just can't go through it all again.

Mine, all mine.

Of course, there is the small matter of having to make and then part with monkey number three, already ordered by my mother. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

At the moment, my top concern is the impending departure of the green guy (yes, I know he looks blue in the photos - it's just the camera), and in particular, how to break the news to the Monkey Army. But I think they're quite impressionable at that age - they'll probably be in the thrall of another ruthless dictator in no time.


Katy said...

sniffle, sniff, whimper.....poor Monkey, I hope he is happy in his new home. Have you explained very gently to him about his new family? Is his suitcase all packed and ready to go? Oh dear, I need a new tissue - this one is full of tears, sniffle, sniffle, sniff

lauren said...

i've been worried about the monkey army! i was picturing them going around all directionless & puzzled...trying to bestow the tea cozy with shiny things...making "dates" with random cardigans left on sofas overnight...and i don't even want to CONTEMPLATE the fate of that draft excluder your auntie made in the shape of a daschund! yes, it's good that they will soon have supervision and guidance once again.

...but...brown & tan...those are odd colors for a MONKEY, aren't they??! :)