Friday, 7 September 2007

So near and yet so far

For weeks now I have been sloooooooowly knitting away at two monkeys in the style of Monkee Maker's fabulous creations. Mine will undoubtedly be poor imitations but I'm still ridiculously pleased with them so far. They are currently in the 'almost nearly finished' stage - that is to say they are a stone's throw away from being not quite done.

As of last night, the monkey that I'm making for a friend as part of a wedding present is now missing just one arm and one ear. The main body and head are all done and stuffed, and the legs are attached. Also, one arm and one ear have been knitted, sewn up and are ready to sew on when their respective pairs are finished. So, I am determined to try and bring him to a state of completion this weekend.

For motivation, I'm finding it very helpful to prop him up in front of me in his current state - a monkey with no arms or ears is a mighty folorn sight to see, I tells ya. As you can see:

My other monkey is an even sorrier sight:

"who said that?"

I promise to give him some eyes soon. And, you know, limbs.


Monkee Maker said...

Hey hey!!! Welcome to Blogland! Good to see you here, and good to see your monkeys! I just love what you've done with their mouths!

One question though. Vicious Chicken? Please tell how you came up with that name. And should the monkeys be worried??

Cazzie said...

Hello - have found you via monkee makes - look forward to seeing your finished monkeys :D

Beth said...

The blue is awesome. I can definitely see how an armless monkey staring at you would be good motivation to keep going. :)