Thursday, 20 September 2007


Honestly, I didn't plan to bore you with any more LWHs (or not straight away at least). But today everything is a bit glum and blogging feels tough, so here is a picture of LWH3 to fill in until I can come up with the goods again:

"Who turned out the lights?"

Oh and wait, the other I thing I wanted to say was thanks so much to everyone who humoured me yesterday and left a comment like a pirate. You made this chicken very happy indeed.


Monkee Maker said...

Why so glum today then, VC?
You see? Blogging every day is HARD!!

Cheer up though, it's nearly friday, yippee! And if I'd known you weren't feeling that chipper I'd have saved my other Gu dessert for you. Oh no, wait ..... I wouldn't have (sorry, my mistake)

Another cute hat ..... those monkeys heads should all be catered for soon :)

lauren said...

arrrrrrrrgh matey, don't be glum! imagine if you had only just found out that wednesday was "international talk like a pirate day" ***AND YOU MISSED IT***??! then you'd be sad indeed, like a scurvy old landlubber, me hearty!!!

(sorry...but i really did miss pirate day...sigh...)

(ps: i saw the name "vicious chicken" and i just HAD TO KNOW!!!) :)

Melissa said...

Oooh, LWH3 doesn't happen to be one of Jellycat's Junglie Monkeys, does it? I bullied my then-boyfriend into buying me one when we were in a chi-chi store in New York City several years ago, back before the current short owner of the monkey was even a thought in our heads. And the then-boyfriend still married me, which just goes to show, I think. Can't go wrong with a monkey (or two, or three).

Melissa said...

Oh, so sorry, I just realized that LWH3 is the hat, not the monkey. I'm so sorry - I'm no good with acronyms. Octo-LWH is brilliant, by the way! (Sheepishly slinks off.)